Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday I ran into, for the hundredth time at least, a very obnoxious TELEPORT bug. I'm sure many of you have had this happen as well. You begin your teleport to a location, you arrive, things begin to rez, you move, talk, do something, and suddenly your screen goes black and the words, "Requesting Teleport" appear. Now if you let this continue, in between 5 and 10 minutes you will once again appear at your location and things will work. I'm sure what most of us do though is exit the program and log back in, and amazingly, there are you at the location you wanted to be at.

This "bug" has been in Second Life for more then three years and according to the BUG SQUASHERS will never be fixed. Why? Because there are NO re-produceable steps that can be written down. This is one of those bugs that occur occasionally and without noticeable reason.

How many other bugs in Second Life are there like this? The count can't be made, since Linden Lab refuses to track these "occasional" bugs because you, and I, can't offer re-produceable steps, therefore the bug reports for these just get flushed and ignored. I ask you this friends, is this how we want Second Life to be? Do we want Second Life freed of only the EASY bugs to find and fix or ALL the bugs?

It's again time to sound the alarm and call everyone to action I fear. WE are the ones paying the salaries of the Lindens, WE should have a say on what gets fixed and what doesn't. Not a choice of what EASY bug to fix, but a full choice of ALL bugs, whether they can be re-produced or not shouldn't be the measure of it being fixed. ANY Bug that disrupts the world in this manner should be investigated, found, and KILLED. We know this, we want this, but look, Linden Lab doesn't want to work real hard, just real easy.

So, what do we do? Well, it's time to ask Uncle Philip and Aunt Robin to step up to the plate, change this fool-hearted policy of fixing only bugs with re-produceable steps and get Second Life stable again. Follow the links and email both of these people and demand that this "policy" of easy work change now. Demand that the HARD bugs be fixed, not the easy ones. A UI bug that mis-spells a word or doesn't color something correctly isn't what I would call a show stopper; would you?

Second Life is OUR world, just look what the Second Life webpage says. Since it's OUR world, it's time WE take a stand then. It's up to you and me to save Second Life! I for one will not sit idly by as our world dies an ugly death because someone at Linden Lab doesn't want to do the hard work!

Sorry Uncle Philip and Aunt Robin, but we're fed up with this, and now we want action!

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