Sunday, July 8, 2007

The REAL easy way to report bugs...

Now, a few days back, Torley Linden, posted a New Blog entry titled, "How to report bugs easily" and after reading it and thinking it over, I came up with a BETTER way to report bugs, that of course, isn't the Linden way, but quite honestly, why waste YOUR paying time in SL on trying to figure out HOW to Report a Bug?

Ok, here's what I do in SL when I run into a bug. I go to Search, click on the People Tab, type in LINDEN and hit enter. Then I go down the list to find a Linden that is online (you can see their "Currently Online" status above the Born Date field) and when I find one, I IM them, and tell them the bug. Of course, they always write back asking if I would file a bug report, and I answer them nicely, "No, it's not my job to do so".

Why does LL expect their Residents to spend time researching a bug, and then filing a bug report if they dont' find one that matches? This can take easily up to an hour out of a Residents day. I'm all for Residents helping out, but let's make it a bit easier shall we?

In a perfect world, Linden Lab would think a bit further past the nose on their face and setup a BUG REPORTING OFFICE, and staff it with a couple geeks that would take reports from Residents that pop in and report a bug. Then the Linden employee's could handle it from there. The Lindens get paid to do their jobs, Residents PAY Linden Lab to be in Second Life, just why does Linden Lab think I, or you, should spend precious time on the computer to research and then report a bug?

It's time Uncle Philip and Aunt Robin took another step forward and make Bug Reporting easy on the Residents and not expect them to spend their hours online filing Bug Reports. If they don't want to do that, then do what I do, just tell whatever Linden is online and leave it in their capable hands. If they won't file the bug, then I guess it's really NOT that important to them, so why should it be to you?

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Wayne said...

I can second the pain it is to get all the info that LL wants you as a resident to provide. I can't help but feel like LL is in coast mode. If they don't get their game together, someone is going to come along and do what they are doing better, and people will jump ship.

MagnAxiom Epsilon