Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Over

Friends, it's with a heavy heart that today I announce I'm done fighting Linden Lab. Today, I have decided that I will leave Second Life after 30 more days.

This is not a Countdown to anything, not me telling Linden Lab to change or I go, no, I'm going, I just have to say Goodbye to my friends, and 30 days gives me time to do just that.

I started this first hoping that the people in charge at Linden Lab would see the idiocy of their actions, but alas, that hasn't happened, nor have Linden Lab been any wiser in how they continue to deal with their Customers.

Linden Lab has chosen to claim all Content in Inventory in Second Life, to be there's. Oh sure, they will say, "We'd never use it like this or that", but that's not Linden Lab. We all know that it's these small things that Linden Lab later blows up to Big things, and screws their Customer Base with.

So, Mark, Philip, Blue, the rest of you, you win. You have made Second Life so undesirable to me, that I'm leaving. You win, you proved that you can take a wonderful product, that so many people love, and make it a Piece of Shit; you have my Congratulations, you must be so proud.

To all my friends, I will be moving my home to InWorldz. Please feel free to take the time to come and visit and see what InWorldz is like. Perhaps you will find out there's a place to go where the Owners don't treat you like crap.