Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linden Lab Dazzles the Community!

Yesterday, Linden Lab announced a NEW UI Interface known as Dazzle.

Today, Linden Lab continued to show how it has Dazzled us all with its ever growing incompetence!

First with this, then with this, and followed by this!

In one day, we get a very clear picture of just how ill-prepared or incompetent the Coding and Networking people are at Linden Lab.

Seems to me, the mistakes have grown more intense and in number since Cory's departure, I wonder what "reason" Uncle Philip will give us for that.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A NEW Quicktime Flaw?

It's uncertain at this time, if this article speaks about the known Quicktime Flaw that was patched one week after it was found some while ago, or if this is a NEW Quicktime Flaw that has NOT been patched.

Needless to say, it's time to turn off your Media Files playing, until we once again get some sort of response by Linden Lab.

Knowing how Linden Lab really cares about their Customers, that might take quite some time too.

Valentine's Day done right, the Linden Lab way!

With another Valentine's Day passing, and this one made so memorable by a close friend (Thank You again), we again get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of how Linden Lab chooses to treat their Volunteer Corp.

Word has it, and you can trust me on this one, that a certain Linden was feeling none to cheerful this Valentine's Day and instead of just staying away from the "Isle of View" he/she chose to attend and proceed to insult and even make a volunteer so upset they were shaking and crying.

The story goes like this. A certain Volunteer, and one of the most passionate Volunteer's when it comes to helping New Residents and others, was mingling with the others attendee's at the Isle of View, and asking the Linden's in attendance if he/she could have their specific Linden Bear (You see there was a time when every linden made their own "teddy bear" and they were supposed to give them out when asked, or when they saw something that someone did that deserved a bit more attention then just "attaboy") This Volunteer positioned herself in a strategic location so he/she could see who "popped" in and then if the person was a Linden Lab Employee, would ask them for their "bear". A certain Linden (whom I shall not identify at this time), popped in, and our passionate Volunteer sent him/her an IM asking if he/she could have that certain Linden Lab Employee's "bear". The response was "BUGGER OFF". For you American's that don't understand the meaning, think of "F*CK OFF".

Needless to say, this upset our passionate Volunteer and so, he/she did not pursue the matter further. Instead our passionate Volunteer went about mingling and giving and getting kisses from those in the "Valentine Mood". There came a time when this passionate Volunteer was getting a kiss from another passionate Volunteer of the same gender, and our "BUGGER OFF" mate decided to position himself/herself between the two and stated in Public Chat, "Looks like I'm having a Mentor Sandwich". As if telling a Volunteer to "BUGGER OFF" wasn't bad enough, now this Linden Lab Employee had decided to sexually harass this passionate Volunteer.

Needless to say, this set off our passionate Volunteer, who then began telling this Linden Lab Employee just how he/she felt about them, of course, in Public Chat. After he/she had her say, and our Linden Lab Employee chose NOT to respond, he/she then turned to his/her "supervisor" who said "oh that's just how he/she is". This was NOT enough to calm down our passionate Volunteer, who then decided that he/she would file an Abuse Report on our "BUGGER OFF" Employee.

After the posting of the AR, "BUGGER OFF" Employee then chose to IM our passionate Volunteer to explain how he/she was only joking, and he/she is always like that and meant no harm. Well, not being one to hold a grudge, our passionate Volunteer spoke with "BUGGER OFF" Employee and explained to him/her how he/she was having a bad enough day and came into Second Life to relax and enjoy the gathering of his/her friends, and that "BUGGER OFF" Employee had now ruined that for him/her. As they continued to talk, our passionate Volunteer calmed down, and eventually our "BUGGER OFF" Employee apologized and chose to add our passionate Volunteer to his/her friends list.

I will say this, MOST Linden Lab employee's are nice people and rarely would they say a cross word to anyone. There are a few that I've run into though, that seem to think that they are above everyone, and they don't have to worry about Customer Service or watch what they say when speaking to Residents in-world. The most egregious act is though, that these Employee's continue to be Employee's.

I myself have filed one complaint concerning a Linden Lab Employee, complete with Chat Log to back-up what I was complaining about, only to have Ms. Robin Harper tell me it was my fault this Employee acted in the manner he/she did. I wonder what excuse Ms. Harper will give us this time for her Employee's acts, and even more so, will this Employee remain employed after committing such an atrocious act? I'm sure Ms. Harper will once again rely on the old-standby of saying, "We cannot discuss employee matters with Residents", even though it is the Residents who are being mistreated by the Employee's.

So Ms. Harper, would you mind telling us just what will happen with Mr. "BUGGER OFF"?

The Public Works Dept. of Linden Lab already a failure?

Linden Lab last week announced a new effort, called The Linden Public Works Dept.

This new "Department" was supposedly going to be staffed by the TOP 10 Builders in Second Life, whom Linden Lab had hand-picked. This was an effort, once again, by a company, that is taking on water and ready to sink, to calm the residents after another abysmal month of low quality service.

The idea was a simple one, to let these 10 builders go around and FINISH what the Lindens themselves had started. Such as the roads, the railway (although the original railway was started by Athos Murphy), docks, and so forth. This of course, would make it seem to future New Residents that Linden Lab really does have itself together and is running a wonderful world in Second Life.

Apparently though, there has been a HITCH with this new Department, because today, this once "CLOSED" process is now being "OPENED" to all.

This brings to my mind two simple questions.

First, why do all the comments in this "opening" process seem to think that Linden Lab is doing the Residents of Second Life a great favor by "opening" this process. If you think this is such a good thing to happen, what were you thinking when Linden Lab first announced that this "Department" would only be open to whom Linden Lab chose. Were you upset with that announcement? Did you write your comments in the blog and demand this process to be opened? You see, this is a very clear picture of how Linden Lab has manipulated their Customers to have you believe that Linden Lab is a wonderful organization. They first start a process that seems to have all good intentions, then Linden Lab changes the rules completely and make them seem congenial. All in all, the Residents who voiced their affirmative opinion concerning The Linden Public Works Department and then did the same when Linden Lab "opened" the process, are taking two direct conflicting stances. First you hooray for being left out of the process and allowing Linden Lab to create another class of players, who by the way would have been considered greater then the rest of us, and then you cheer when this process is "opened" up. It really does make the Community seem a bit foolish when we allow ourselves to be manipulated in this manner. But then again, lemmings will do what lemmings do.

Now to the Second of my questions. Why has Linden Lab "opened" this process so quickly? The first Blog Posting was made to sound as if these first Top 10 Builders would do the main work and then slowly others would be added to assist. So, what conclusion can we draw from Linden Lab now "opening" this process so quickly? Once again, two things come to mind.

First of those conclusions is, the Top 10 Builders chose to NOT have anything to do with this process as they most likely saw that they would be doing all the work, and yet, the glory would be taken by Linden Lab when future New Residents saw how "complete" things are in Second Life.

The Second of these conclusions is, the Top 10 Builders chose NOT to have anything to do with this process because they have seen how poorly Linden Lab is at COMPLETING projects. There's a long list of failures you can uncover if you merely do some research using the BLOGS, the J.I.R.A., and speaking to some old-timers who've been around to see how Linden Lab has run things from the beginning.

Today Linden Lab gave us all a glimpse into how Linden Lab chooses to manipulate the Community, and how poorly Linden Lab is at completing projects. We have also seen that some people (The Top 10 Builders) recognizes this simple fact, and choose not to participate in it. I only wish that the rest of our Community would catch a clue and stand as ONE LOUD VOICE that demands a more Stable World and Less Bugs.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whee...down the slide we go..where it ends, no one knows!

You know friends, I completely understand why everyone is so happy to see this action being taken. I've been around this world for almost 5 years, and have had a time or two when this occurred to myself. Back then, we got the usual brush-off from the Linden's stating that as long as they kept the items of disagreement on their own land and as long as it didn't conflict the rating of the SIM, there was nothing they could do.

I absolutely hated that answer back then, but I understood it. When the Linden's decided to become the sole judge, jury and executioner concerning these "Ad Farms", they also take the first slippery step on the long slope downward.

Let's give you some examples from our Real World shall we? We have at one time or another cried for our "Right to Freedom of Speech" when someone tried to hush us up, no matter what we were saying. That's a good thing, because many of our fore-fathers died protecting what the US Founders considered THE MOST IMPORTANT RIGHT FOR ALL MEN. That right is the FREEDOM TO SPEAK one's mind. No matter if I totally disagree with your position, I will FIGHT for your right to voice that position. Our own Supreme Court understands what it means to curtail Free Speech, as it has backed away time and again when presented with arguments as to why this persons speech should be curtailed but that persons speech shouldn't be.

Now, we have the great Linden Lab, the same people that thought releasing Cory Linden was a good thing, have decided apparently that they are wiser then even those sitting on our own Supreme Court. Linden Lab believes that they, and they alone, will be able to look into someones conscious and discover their intent about their "Ad Farm". Linden Lab apparently has psychic abilities, not yet known to other men or women, that will guarantee that they will be able to, 100% correct all the time, discern every single "Ad Farm" complaint.

Yes, it's quite sarcastic what I say, but tell me, do you honestly believe that Linden Lab will be able to discern every single person's intent? What about the times when it's not black/white? Will Linden Lab err on the part of FREE SPEECH or on the side of "who provides the most money?"

As a long-term resident, and one that provided the "seed" money Linden Lab asked for way back when by buying multiple life-time accounts, I'm worried about this proclamation from on high. I know it's impossible to be right all the time, and when Linden Lab gets it wrong, who suffers? We all do, because this is just one step down a very slippery slope, where we lose what was once perceived our "RIGHT" to do what we wanted on our land, to only God knows where when the smoke and dust have settled.

If Linden Lab is willing to take away the RIGHTS of the Land Owner, what next? How soon will it be, before they start taking away the Intellectual Property Rights of the Creators? You see, you think this is a good decision until you realize that Linden Lab can NOT BE RIGHT all the time. The one time they are wrong, we all lose. Not just our RIGHT to do what we want on OUR LAND, but every single RIGHT we were once granted by Linden Lab is now called into question.

There was a time when I would have said to those complaining about the "Ad Farms", to quit bothering the Linden's, not only will they NOT listen, but they shouldn't. Now I'm wondering just where Linden Lab will take us next? What RIGHT will be curtailed next? Where does it end?

For you that read this and say I'm just a complainer, well, read it again and understand that when you allow ONE RIGHT to be curtailed, you allow ALL RIGHTS to be curtailed.

It's a long slippery slope and at the bottom of the hill will lie the grave of Second Life.

Bugs with re-producable steps....

A while ago, I posted on the fact that in an open meeting in Second Life that Benjamen Linden stated, "If the Bug Report doesn't have re-producable steps, then we won't even look at it."

At that time I was incensed, and I still am, by this philosophy of the Bug Squashing team, that they don't work on problems where there's NOT an easy fix.

Two weeks ago, I was kind enough to bring to Linden Lab attention, that there is a rather annoying bug on their website, specifically in the area of trying to send money to your PayPal account. The bug is simple that if you incorrectly type in your email address either in the first email address field or the second email address field, the next page you get says that the AMOUNT is not correct, not the address field that it should say. Being an ex-coder and HTML person myself, I know that this problem is quite easy to correct. Here we are though, TWO Weeks later, and the same problem still exists.

Apparently no longer does Linden Lab NOT work on issues without re-producable steps, they also don't work on issues that have re-producable steps. Just what does the Bug Squashing team spend its time doing these days? The so-called "fix" for the Asset Server problems still have left thousands of people without their items retrieved (myself included), their extra code to help find the Teleport Issue apparently hasn't turned up anything as more and more people complain about getting caught in the Teleport Loop.

Instead of commissioning some new initiative to have the "Top 10 Builders" in Second Life provide SIMs with Roads, Railways and other NOT NEEDED infrastructure, Linden Lab should be commissioning their own people to resolve the two problems that have plagued Second Life for more then a year!

Just WHEN will Linden Lab get around to fixing (and I mean completely) the Asset Server Issues and the Teleporting Issues. Months ago they announced initiatives that dealt with both of these, but those that announced the initiatives have grown strangely quiet. Apparently these two issues are just too hard for the current Linden Lab staff to fix.

So, once again we must ask: Just why was Cory fired? Was it the SMART thing to do, to release the ONE person that knew Second Life inside and out? Was it wise to let go one of the most passionate people that dealt with Second Life? Is it wise that Linden Lab is being run by a man that thinks to fix bugs means to slow down and stagnate, therefore our vision isn't on fixing bugs?

It really does seem to be getting worse by the week in Second Life. More people are reporting more and more problems, the Comments on the Blogs continue to ring with people asking for fixes, and Philip Rosedale and Robin Harper continue to lie, and worse yet, continue to NOT listen to their customers.

God Help Us, Cory can't!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Customer Support - Inside and Outside of Linden Lab

An interesting BLOG Story appeared on the Second Life Blog this week,

Region Data Corruption / Loss Problem Resolved

The interesting part of this Blog is when Hamilton Linden said that Linden Lab reported the BUG to the ISP where the problem was occurring and the VERY NEXT DAY it was fixed.

That began me thinking of how Linden Lab might take a lesson from their own experience's and begin offering the same level of excellence to their own customers.

This week in the world of Second Life has been rife with issues once again. Packet Loss is continuous, people crashing during Teleports has continued, people crashing using the Linden Lab client has increased, Rolling Restarts are becoming a part of our every day language, and I myself have spent more then one day "ruthed".

Where is this NEW VISION from Linden Lab, the one that promises us a Stable World, less bugs, and a more "transparent and open" Company? When with Linden Lab learn that Second Life is NOT a Social Experiment, it's a business and people pay their REAL MONEY to exist in the world?

I hate to say this, but "I told you so". I said in an earlier BLOG posting that the releasing of CORY LINDEN would be a MAJOR mistake, and with how things are now running, that seems to be the truth. Although it wasn't a reach by any imagination that Second Life would suffer even more after they released one of the BIGGEST driving forces behind Second Life. The real question is, who will Philip blame now that Cory is no longer around?

I've said this before and I continue to hold the same belief, it's time to change the HEAD; it's time for Phlip to step down and find someone more in-tune with the World of Second Life. Second Life needs someone who won't turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it's customers. Second Life needs someone who cares about the Community in Second Life. Second Life needs someone to do their JOB.

How much longer will we, the customers of Second Life, have to wait for a Stable World? How much longer will we be waiting for the "transparent and open" Linden Lab to actually be "transparent and open"? How much longer will we, the Customers of Second Life, have to wait before someone at Linden Lab actually cares about the problems within Second Life?

I invite ANYONE from Linden Lab to post the answers to these questions. I invite ANYONE from Linden Lab to actually DO THEIR JOB and FIX Second Life. I invite ANYONE from Second Life to be "transparent and open".

It's a shame that Linden Lab as a Customer gets excellent Customer Service, but they can't seem to provide anywhere close to the same level of excellence they received. If Linden Lab were provided the same level of Customer Service as they provide to their own Customers, there wouldn't be a Second Life, as Linden Lab would be down 24/7 and doing what the Second Life community is doing; screaming for real Customer Service.

Uncle Philip or Aunty Robin, just when will Linden Lab stop pretending? Just when will Linden Lab actually provide REAL Customer Service, and stabilize the World of Second Life? I only hope that when Linden Lab actually starts providing Customer Service, it will be while there are still people in the World of Second Life.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The beat goes on and on and on and on and on and on

Hi again kids, once again from the front lines of Linden Lab this development just in. No longer is Linden Lab claiming that a FIX they applied can potentially break scripts, instead they now are saying it's the SCRIPTER'S fault for being creative in how they used the NAME and DESCRIPTION fields. Amazingly, this "mis-use" of the NAME and DESCRIPTION fields have been going on, without ONE SINGLE WORD OF COMPLAINT from Linden Lab for as long as Second Life has been running!

When I was in college, I had to take a Constitutional Law class, where we would go over many cases and discuss their outcome, effect, etc. We learned one basic thing, "A law is NOT a law unless there is a penalty for it". For the past 4 3/4 years Linden Lab KNEW what many scripters were doing in the NAME and DESCRIPTION fields, and instead of telling them then that practice should NOT be undertook, they allowed it, and I'm willing to bet, some employee's at Linden Lab even said it wouldn't be a problem.

Now, suddenly, Linden Lab has decided they want to crack the whip and damn be the customers that have devoted hundreds or thousands of hours making their products work, based upon what the best practices were at the time, and again WITHOUT LINDEN LAB saying differently.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the Helm of U.S.S. Second Life is surely missing Cory and seems to be close to either running aground or sinking at sea.

GOD HELP US - Cory Can't


Hi kids, once again, we are feeling the BIG HOLE at Linden Lab, now known as the CORY HOLE, as more problems arise, and apparently too quickly for the "employee's" to fix.

The first is this little ditty:
Map Search or Image May Not Be Available

The second is this fun little one:
Fix may cause problems for scripts relying on long object names and descriptions

Maybe I'm just an old timer these days, but how is it a FIX breaks something? I mean, seriously, if THIS WAS TESTED, then wouldn't they have caught it? So, we must ask ourselves TWO important questions.

First, are the employee's at Linden Lab NOT Quality Testing fixes before sending them to us?

Second, are the employee's at Linden Lab just to incompetent to do their jobs?

Then again, I guess we really shouldn't blame the employee's, they are only following the prime example of their Leader, Uncle Philip. Who cares if the world is working, as long as the employee's are happy; right Uncle Philip?

GOD HELP US - Cory Can't