Saturday, July 14, 2007

Linden Lab out of energy....a novel way to not work

Yesterday a POWER OUTAGE hit Linden Lab and took down Phone Support. I know, many will say, "So what?", considering the level of Customer Satisfaction with Phone Support, I suppose this sentiment should be accepted.

The problem I want to talk about today is, how can a company the size of Linden Lab NOT have backup generators for this very instance? You know, this isn't the FIRST TIME the Linden Lab offices have lost power, so you would think that perhaps they would be more prepared when it happened again. But then again, that would require thinking beyond today, and that's just not how Linden Lab operates.

The sad part of knowing there are no contingency plans in place, shines a bright light on the whole Linden Lab operation. I said in an earlier BLOG that Leadership starts at the top, and the TOP DOG at Linden Lab once was the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at REAL, so it begs to be asked, "Why haven't you, the former CTO of a HUGE company like REAL, made sure your contingency plans are in order?"

It's becoming increasingly clear just why Linden Lab is in such chaos, and that would be because they lack true and efficient leadership. From what is being reported by active employee's, working at Linden Lab is a lot like having recess all day. Which isn't to say they aren't working, but probably not working as efficiently as they could be. Of course we already know that the BUG SQUASHERS have already cut their work load by at least 75% since they aren't accepting BUG REPORTS that don't have REPRO steps with them, and the only BUGS they will work on are those voted by the Community.; nevermind that there isn't any type of VOTING MECHANISM for the Community to vote on which BUGS they want fixed. Does that mean the BUG SQUASHERS will just sit and wait for the VOTING MECHANISM to be implemented before doing anything? That's what I call TRUE and EFFICIENT leadership!

I must say that I've become quite dis-heartened with our friends at Linden Lab. It seemed like they were gearing up to make a real push to stabilize the world of Second Life, and now we find out it's just another PR Campaign to quiet the Community. Just how long does Linden Lab hope to keep the Community quiet? Do they think we can't see thru this deception? Friends, I hate to say it, but we are still very much in the fight to save our world, and it doesn't look like Linden Lab is willing to be a part of it.

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