Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Employee's should not provide EXCUSES...

Yesterday, once again, I decided to attend a Linden's in-world Office Hours. This time, my Green Friend Khamon let me tag along, even though he knows of my vicious attitude towards most Lindens; I think that's why he let's me go with him.

We were to meet with the likable and friendly Matthew Linden, and I was looking forward to hearing what this likable and friendly Linden would have to say (seriously!). Time for meeting to start came and went, but Matthew didn't appear. After 5 minutes, I figured since Matthew wasn't going to show, I'd just start the meeting without him.

I introduced myself to the others there and announced I would be step-in HOST since Matthew didn't care enough to attend, and we started. Of course, with myself at the helm, I led the meeting down the usual path of enlightenment, that of Linden Lab not paying enough attention, doing enough to make a difference, and the Grid Stabilization problems we all suffer. We had a good long hour discussion, and many comments and opinions were presented, actually many opinions I hadn't considered that I now must work into my own thought process. At the end of the hour, I crashed. Of course, proving my point that 5 people can't meet for me then an hour before there's problems.

We all seemed to enjoy the heated discussion and I don't think anyone left feeling upset at the other, but alas we all had to leave to take on other responsiblities in life. Yesterday evening, on the Official Second Life Blog, it was posted that new Lindens were HIRED and what their responsibilities would be. I took the opportunity to say welcome and then to remind them they should make a more concerted effort to be at their in-world meeting hours, and of course, I singled Matthew out for an example. Now apparently Matthew took offense of this, because he responded in the comments as well which we have here:

Always good to have more Liaison colleagues on board and it’s great to have the ones mentioned above.

Reading some of the comments I’d like to make the following comments: we’re developing a new presence for some of our linden colleagues on TG (Meiji West). Already the VTeam are there and have office hours as will the ITeam (we have lots of flags at the moment where we’re going to be, hehe).

As a huge supporter of office hours for Lindens I was disappointed by blog comment of me not attending my office hour yesterday. Please be assured that if I’m not able to attend my office hour there is a reason and that it’s not a case of “not feeling the need to attend”. Sometimes other things happen that mean I might not be here (other work issues, family, leave, absence). Please be assured it’s not a reflection on the value I place on office hours. Any resident who knows me will confirm that I endeavour to be in-world as much as possible and try to be friendly and supportive.

If you don’t find me in-world then do send me a message. IM me… All the best to you!

I love it when an EMPLOYEE who's getting PAID to do their job, that includes making their OWN scheduled in-world Office Hours, makes excuses after the fact as to why they couldn't be there, instead of a simple, "Sorry, something came up at the last minute and I couldn't get a note in-world to explain".

I guess I should be used to the Linden Excuse train by now, but I'm not. I'm funny in that I feel a company that claims it's hiring "professionals" should ACT in a professional manner, not make excuses and explain how they are a nice person and should be excused. I'm sorry, that sounds more like a 7 year old that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, instead of a PROFESSIONAL hired to do a job.

Of course, the meeting was probably a WHOLE LOT more productive without a Linden there claiming things were running smooth and everyone at Linden Lab was doing their level best to make a quality product. It's much easier to have a frank an open discussion when there isn't a propaganda agent standing there lying every time they open their mouth. So, I invite the rest of the Lindens with in-world hours to just skip them, and let those of us that really care, carry on. I'm sure we can arrange to have a LOG sent to you, so you can see what the community really thinks concerning your "efforts".

Oh heck, why do I even offer that, when I know they will just take it into a meeting and have a good laugh about our frustrations?

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