Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Bad News for the Lab

A source which will remain anonymous has reported to me, and I have confirmed this, that Linden Lab CFO John Zdanowski is leaving the company as of April 15.

This marks the second major Officer of Linden Lab to leave this year, Robin Harper left recently, saying, "I’m planning to take some time to explore a few different avenues as I decide where, when and what the next chapter of my life will entail..."

Mr. Zdanowski started at Linden in September 2006 and has seen Linden Lab grow significantly from One Million a month in revenue billing to Six Million a month.

This will no doubt come as a surprise to everyone, especially those at Linden Lab, as Mr. Zdanowski believed strongly in Linden Lab, stating in a article concerning the future of Linden Lab, "I do believe that this is a very interesting company that can, in the long run, be a stand-alone public company." It seems a bit odd that a CFO, who believes his company will one day go public, would leave before that happens.

It has been rumored that Mitch Kapor has been dissatisfied with the profitability of Linden Lab and has started to replace people one by one . If this is true, one must wonder who's left to replace?

Not knowing Mr. Zdanowski myself, either personally or in-game, I will not comment on what he did or didn't do at Linden Lab for the Second Life Community. Many people I've spoke with said that Zee Linden (Mr. Zdanowski's in-world personality) was considerate and attentive to the needs of those he met. I will say this, I did invite Mr. Zdanowski to meet with me and he never replied. I of course I expect any Linden Lab employee to treat me in this manner, so it was no surprise to me.

The real question now is, just how stable is Linden Lab when their CFO is jumping ships? We, the Second Life Community, will probably never get to hear the insights Mr. Zdanowski has about operational stability, but I'm sure each of us would like to.

I do wish Mr. Zdanowski best wishes in his future endeavors, and can only hope that this isn't the start of a very dark age for Linden Lab and Second Life.

**So much for this just being a RUMOR. Gee, guess I was actually right....again....hmmm

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Boys and their immature attitudes

Isn't it refreshing when you find a company that acts just like a little kid?

You know the kind, the ones that don't like what's being said, don't like being called out for their lies and deception, don't like being told just how bad they are acting, and when they are confronted, act as if it's all your fault for pointing out their obvious issues.

Linden Lab has reached an all-time low, even if you thought they couldn't, by acting just like the bratty little kid whose parents never discipline and think their little boy is a perfect little angel, while the rest of America knows that kids a brat. You see, without notice, nor reason, other then me pointing out the Linden Lab flaws in PRIVATE EMAIL's, Linden Lab has decided to "ban" Bob Bunderfeld from posting comments on their Blogs. Once again, Linden Lab has shown that they are not to be trusted, by not following their own rules. These rules are clearly posted on the BLOG Site and I've followed them exactly as requested, yet Blue Linden decided that I should stop posting comments, since I was apparently a bad seed. The only thing bad at Linden Lab is the stench coming from a rotting company refusing to acknowledge their own indescretions and lies; but then again, we already knew that.

Not to be outdone of course, I have PLENTY of Alternate Accts., since I've been doing my BOT research, and will just post under one of those names, and the real beauty is, they can't stop me, since they don't know how, and even if they did, I would question their competence, considering all the problems they've had over the past two weeks.

I have just ONE question now, just how bad will Linden Lab get before people decide they've had enough?

OH! One more thing, I'll be making a very SURPRISE announcement here soon, to hell with those at Linden Lab :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Detour - Another Linden caught Lying

Greetings my friends, I hope today you are doing well.

Today, once again, we are called to Detour from our advertised (starting to sound a lot like Linden Lab; promising one thing, delivering nothing) blog posting and bring up what everyone has been screaming about for the past two days; except mine has a bit of a twist.

As many of you know, I decided to "do the right thing" and offered my services at the Educational Fair that took place last month. During that time I was conducting the New Resident Q&A's from the main stage there. As happens from time to time, a lot of New Residents didn't arrive for the Q&A, but we still moved forward, taking questions from the audience that was there. During that time, someone from the audience asked how I saw Linden Lab combining the Teen/Adult Grids.

The Teen/Adult grid combination cannot happen until Linden Lab moves ALL MATURE Content to it's own Continent and requires Age Verification of ALL. This is exactly what I said would happen, but, to my dismay, Pathfinder Linden said I didn't know what I was talking about, that there were many "options" being looked at, and people should NOT take me as an authority on this subject. Well, back then I had nothing concrete to go on, just LOGIC, and I said, perhaps that's true, but we'll see. You see, if you look at the issue of combining the Teen/Adult grids, there is only ONE WAY to do that, and that's just what Linden Lab implemented two days ago.

I really enjoy when Linden Lab Employee's knowingly sit in my events and LIE. It really builds up and air of Confidence with me and other Residents. To be honest, that's the first thing I look for in a "Professional" company, that their employee's would LIE to me, I know then and there, that Company is one I really want to do business with.

To be fair, and in the sense of "Open and Transparent" communication, I did email Pathfinder Linden and asked for a Public Apology, and received no word back. My thinking was since he was BOLD enough to LIE in a public venue, then perhaps he could show that same BOLDNESS and correct his LIE in front of people as well.

Another high point in my dealing with "Professional" company's is how their Ethics and Integrity hold up; with Linden Lab you could build a 100 Story building on their Ethics and Integrity, long as it was on sand.

Now, this idea that ALL MATURE content is being moved shouldn't surprise anyone. I publicly stated this was the next move on Linden Lab part once they announced their plans to combine the Teen/Adult grids. Next friends, after the Mature Move is completed, you will see Linden Lab announce that the Teen Grid and Adult Grid will be combined and those that want to access the Mature Grids will have to go through Age Verification. This USED TO BE a free process, and it might still be, so if you want this access, it would be worth the effort to go to the Second Life Website and go through the Age Verification; otherwise you most likely will wind up paying for the service VERY SOON.

So, once again, we see Linden Lab being true to their past; lying, cheating, and stealing from the Residents. No surprise there, that's what we have received from Linden Lab before and I promise you this, that's what they will provide to us in the Future.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We interrupt this Traffic for a special announcement

Sorry friends, had to throw this in before carrying on with the Traffic Study/BOT Study Blog Series.

As many of you are aware, the new BLOG look has been unveiled at the Second Life Website. It certainly is better organized, and even prettier to look at.

Just one problem I've found so far. The same bullshit is going on behind the scenes as was before. I said this once, I'll say it again, it didn't take a NEW LOOK for the Blog to be effective, it takes a NEW ATTITUDE by the Linden's.

What I mean is this. While discussing the CNBC Fluff piece done last week about IBM/Linden Lab, I asked for a comment on the Failing Grade given to Linden Lab by the California BBB. We, the commenters, then began talking about different things associated with that thought, and before long, the new Executive Officer Amanda jumped in to the fray and was actually talking with us. After a few rounds of "this and that", Blue also jumped into the fray. Unfortunately though, Blue was there to STOP the communication, not enhance it. Blue reminded us all, at least us Commenters, he won't say if he scolded his Boss, that Off-Topic Comments were reason enough to be banned from the Blogs.

I find it interesting that someone at Linden Lab had the guts to speak up on any subject only then to have their employee's tell us we can no longer communicate on this subject, under penalty of Ban.

Guess I was right, a prettier package didn't help Linden Lab at all, perhaps it's time to pretty up their attitudes?