Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Showcase 'Ho Down

There's been something on my mind for quite a while and I'm tired of holding my tongue. For all the people on the SHOWCASE sight that I know, I apologize for this rant, but something isn't sitting well with me!

If you don't yet know of the SHOWCASE part of Second Life, you should. Here's a place where, if you have a pretty location, attract a MAJORITY of users, have content (also known as PRODUCT) that is unique, and are in good standing with the Linden Employee's (F.I.C.), then you can have your business listed for FREE!

Let me say this, MOST of the SHOWCASE listings aren't "for profit" and I have no issue with those, but under FASHION the majority of those listed are "for profit" and I wonder just why Linden Lab thinks it's necessary to promote one "for profit" venue over another?

Having Linden Lab include "for profit" venue's in the SHOWCASE shows just how much favoritism exists as Linden Lab. Reading through the "requirements" for possible listing, one can see it's all about being "pretty" and "in good standing" with Linden Lab. Of course, as usual, Linden Lab includes some "requirements" that trip up just about EVERYONE listed, so let's take a look at those.

First, "Does the venue appeal broadly to the Second Life community?". So, let's ask the obvious question first. How do you measure this? Is Linden Lab using Traffic Figures to substantiate this claim, even knowing that many sites inflate their traffic numbers artificially? Does Linden Lab have a way to measure just how many Residents have visited these places, and if so, will they be willing to share and show the rest of us that these "chosen" venues do have a "broad appeal" to the Second Life Community? Just what does "broad appeal" mean?

Second, "Is the venue exceptional or unique?". Who defines what is "exceptional or unique"? What are the definitions for these terms being used? Just how "unique" is a Fashion Outlet store? Let's face it, the world is over-run with Clothing Stores, can we really say they are a "unique" venue; how about "exceptional"?

Lastly, "Has the venue or one like it been included before?". This Criteria alone should reduce the "for profit" venues to none, since every single listing now has been shown. Does this mean the "for profit" lists will go away next month?

The SHOWCASE option in SEARCH in-world and on the Second Life website are unfair listings as not everyone is allowed to be seen in this location. You can't "buy" your way onto the list, as you can pay for search listing spots, nor can you get on the list by having more "PICKS" listings then anyone else. The SHOWCASE list is completely chosen by Linden Lab employee's, without any clarification of what and how these terms are used (that's the transparent and open system they tout apparently). Being placed on this list is nothing more then what our friend Prokofy has warned us about, being a part of the "Fetted Inner Core", as it's nothing more then a "who's who's favorite" list for Linden Lab employee's.

Unless Linden Lab is ready to open SHOWCASE to every single "for profit" business out there, I think it's time to take it down; of course, they won't, showing again that "favoritism" is the rule of law at Linden Lab.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Voice Crying from the Wilderness...or is it just gas?

Well friends, it's happened, someone gave me a platform to air some of my opinions and not being one to back down, I did just that :)

Stuart Warf, of the Second Life Podcast Network, chose me to appear in his "5 Questions" section, in which he asks 5 questions and the participant answers them. While this isn't a "just let me rant" option, I did at least get to air some grievances while at the same time get to speak about Second Life.

Second Life Podcast Network is a great place to visit and I suggest you make it a regular stop, even if they don't see the writing on the wall concerning Officers of a Corporation leaving on a regular basis like I do :)

So, here's the interview, I hope you all enjoy it!