Thursday, July 12, 2007

Comments Welcome....sort of...

Well, it's finally happened, and I shouldn't be too surprised really. I have been added to the MODERATE list on the Official Second Life Blog. Of course, this is because I refuse to listen to the DRIVEL put out by the new "touchy-feely" Linden machine and instead ask hard questions like:

"What do you mean you won't read a BUG REPORT unless it has REPRO steps attached?"

"Just how many votes will it take to FIX a BUG?"

I guess instead of explaining or qualifying what was said in the UI Bug Triage, Linden Lab thinks the best way to quiet your critics is to MODERATE them. Well folks, I guess I could play the immature game that Linden Lab does and MODERATE all their comments here, but what would that do? Show how immature I've become in my fight to save Second Life?

I think I've finally begun to understand just WHAT'S wrong at Linden Lab. They have no leadership telling them, "Do this first, do that second". How else can you explain a BUG SQUASHER that wants YOU to vote on what they should do first? By the way, once again, let me say, VOTING on which BUGS to FIX is nonsense. As a BUG SQUASHER you should have enough common sense to prioritize the bugs as they come in. To ask a CUSTOMER which BUG they want squashed first is just laziness on Linden Lab part. If they need someone to oversee the BUG SQUASHING Dept., they should HIRE someone and not OUTSOURCE the decision to the Residents.

The real question I have now, is just how VOID of Leadership is the Linden Lab team? I mean, does it go ALL THE WAY UP? Has Uncle Philip just abandoned his Social Experiment and let the Monkey's run loose? I've heard it said, that true leadership starts at the top and works its way down. What does that tell you about our wonderful Uncle Philip? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it when Uncle Philip actually replies to an email of mine, but lately I've begun to see Linden Lab in a new light. While I thought Linden Lab was serious about BUG FIXING and providing a Stable GRID, I now see it was all a hoax, a scam, just another way to quiet the Community. Setup some meetings, hope that the loud crowd doesn't show up, and if they do, just ignore them, and tell everyone else, the world is fine, don't listen to the complainers. This method is quite easy to pull off then say really FIXING BUGS and providing a STABLE GRID.

So, what can we extrapolate about the Linden Lab Bug Squashers? They are lazy and tend to polarize to the easy stuff. I hate to say it, but the BUG SQUASHERS need a boss, someone that can crack the whip and actually get work done, instead of a policy of let's fix the most popular bugs, whether or not they are actual problems with the client, this way people will be happy. This is true only to a point, and once people take notice that you are doing this, the backlash will be even worse then it was before.

You know the old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me Twice, shame on me" Shame Shame Linden Lab, I see you fooled me this time, but I won't be so gullible in the future, now I'm watching you even closer then before, I won't be fooled again :)

I do want to thank a couple of Linden Lab employee's for providing me with the First Hand acct., of what's going on interoffice. No, I won't mention your names, but I do appreciate your willingness to open up the curtain so some of us can peak in and watch the craziness. Keep up the fight friends, we'll do the same outside, and hopefully soon SL will once again be safe!

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