Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Once again Friend


And now this appears on the Official Blog of Second Life:

"We are currently investigating some intermittent issues regarding assets at the moment. These issues are manifesting themselves as an inability to rez, attach or take an object; attachments failing to rez; texture uploads not completing; and, in some cases, scripts failing to save. Our operations team is working to resolve this as quickly as they can."

What more can we say, but read on and know this, when you are right, you are right!


This taken from the Official Blog of Second Life:

"We are investigating the chance that stipends might have failed or partially failed to post this week. Please bear with us while we investigate. We will update this post once we have more information."

Maybe the problem isn't that Second Life has become too complex for it's own good. Perhaps it's that Linden Lab doesn't have the talent available to run Second Life? Twice, in as many weeks, the Stipends have failed to be payed out to some Residents. Has Linden Lab gone so far in "enhancing" Second Life that it can no longer get it to perform the rudimentary functions it's suppose to?

Isn't this what we have been saying all along, that Second Life has grown so much that it's dying on itself? While we once again beg Linden Lab to stop making enhancements to Second Life, we doubt they will take heed, even now. Even as the simplest action as paying a stipend to Residents has become bugged because of all the other enhancements added to Second Life over the years, Linden Lab continues on the course of "improving" it's product; at the life of that very product.

I suppose when all is said and done, and Second Life has died out because those at Linden Lab wouldn't listen, we'll hear the excuses being made about how the "technology couldn't keep up with the dream", or "It just wasn't meant to be". The truth is Second Life, as it is today, is an amazing world, and if enhancements were stopped, and bugs fixed and the grid stabilized, then Second Life would continue to be an amazing world, and not a dying one. The real crappy part about it all is people have been warning Linden Lab all along, and while they will rely on excuses when all is said and done, we, those who sounded the warning, will have nothing left to fight for, and the world we once loved will be just one big pile of junk, destined to be remembered as the virtual world that could have been.

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Dave said...

Hi Bob.
I spotted your comment on the LL Blog post about the upcoming downtime. (now *that* sounds strange: UPcoming DOWNtime! lol)
I've read through the posts on your blog and I have to disagree my friend. I don't think SL is dying and even if the grid is less stable than it's ever been, that's no reason to halt the addition of new systems to make the world richer for its inhabitants. I think it is misleading of you to say that the grid is buggy *because* of new systems being added. The codebase was buggy to begin with. If LL found that adding say, windlight, was the direct cause of the recent search malfunctions, they would've rolled it back, naturally. I would've anyhow and I work on a large software project that I hope will make money. With any networked system as complex as the SL grid, there *will allways* be issues. Some caused by new features, some caused by, believe it or not, bugfixes. Then there are others that just develop over time, and worst of all, problems that we'll never know the cause of. I don't think your concern is misplaced mate, I think you just need to stop and ponder the position in which the techies at LL find themselves before you shout "stop killing our world".

Take it easy mate,

Dave Talamasca