Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Initial Thoughts about Second Life

When I first thought of coming out with a BLOG about Second Life, I was thinking about how best it would be to start out. I want everyone to understand something from the word GO, I am a HUGE Second Life supporter and believe Second Life is one of the best Virtual Worlds around. Second Life truly brings anyone's imagination to life and allows everyone to share their creations with others. After years of playing other "Static" online world games, I grew tired of having to follow the "arc" of someone else's choosing. With Second Life, I can do what I want, when I want, and no one can tell me different.

As much as I support Second Life I also believe that Second Life is dying. It's not hard to come to this conclusion when you spend a few hours in-world. Second Life has been plagued with GRID destabilization, Lag, Packetloss, Inventory Losses, Teleporting Issues, and thousands of small bugs, some as old as the world of Second Life.

So, what is it I want to accomplish with this Blog? It's my hope to bring the attention of the Second Life Community to the impending doom of their, and my, favorite world. Linden Lab, the developers of Second Life, seem to have turned a blind eye to the problems facing Second Life. Instead, they continue to add enhancements and those merely add more weight to the bloated world already, and destabilize the GRID even more. The Second Life Community CAN stop this IF they come together and demand Linden Lab clean up the world and provide us a stable GRID.

Since Linden Lab hasn't listened to the hundreds of angry complaints brought by their own users, I decided to start this Blog, with hopes that the Community of Second Life can voice their displeasure, in a positive and friendly way, with Linden Lab.

So, I guess we should get things rolling....Wake up Linden Lab, your world is dying!

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way to go bob.