Thursday, June 7, 2007

The GRID is stable....really

From the BLOG of Second Life:

"We’ve received reports tonight of search not working properly. It is currently being looked into by our Operations department and should be back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding during this maintenance."

It's amazing really, how every week, Second Life Residents keep reading reports concerning either Searches being down, or Teleports being down, or STIPENDS not being paid, or some other issue we've all grown much too accustom to. Why do we, the Residents of Second Life, continue to blindly go our own way, seemingly either unaware or uncaring about how Second Life is failing around us.

It's these issues that first started to bring me to the realization that our world, Second Life, is slowly dying out because WE, the RESIDENTS, are allowing it to happen. We cannot expect Linden Lab, a corporation in business to make a profit, to actually stop enhancing their product. It's like the Monkey that is trying to get the peanuts out of the trap. It refuses to let them go, even though in doing so, it saves it's own life. All it can think about is getting the peanuts it has its hands around. Linden Lab just wants to make their product more and more appealing by adding more and more enhancements, it doesn't even see that in doing so, Second Life is dying.

As the Residents of Second Life, we have a unique opportunity to save our world. We, the RESIDENTS, can stop asking for enhancements and demand instead that the bugs fixes be done, the GRID be stabilized and moving forward the GRID be made so that it won't FAIL when new enhancements are added. WE have this ability, if WE stand together and demand this action. How can we do this? SILENT PROTEST is a group within Second Life that is asking ALL event hosts to stop holding their regular events, and instead, hold SILENT PROTESTS during the normal time of the events and at their regular locations. Once New Residents begin to voice their disapproval at this to the Linden Avatars, then Linden Lab will take notice of what is going on and what we demand be done before the regular events up again. WE, as a community, can affect our world in so many ways, and one of the most IMPORTANT ways now, is to save it by getting the attention of Linden Lab and demanding things get fixed before more "TOYS" are added for us to play with. Without our action, this community will cease to exist, because there won't be a world for it to exist in.

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