Monday, June 18, 2007

The correct way to communicate...

I find it interesting really, that a company the size of Linden Lab, with all their employee's and supposedly higher educated Management Teams, and yet they don't understand that basics of communication.

First, and foremost, for ANY communications between two entities to exist, one must be willing to listen to the other side. Without actually listening, you aren't communicating, you are just yelling at someone. Linden Labs, in the last 5 BLOG entries must have forgotten this simple rule, as they have closed comments on every single listing.

I suspect this is really in hopes that the community, which is becoming quite HOT under the collar, continues to ask the simple question, "Why can't you provide us a stable grid and no bugs?" Linden Lab apparently has no answer, and therefore, doesn't want to communicate, they just want to disseminate their propaganda and damn be the customers.

What then can we extrapolate from these latest shananigans from our friends at Linden Lab? Perhaps those doing the blogging have failed to be trained on how to open the comments, or maybe their comments are broken? Better yet, perhaps Linden Lab is finished listening to it's core members and community complain and they don't care about any of the REAL RESIDENTS of Second Life any longer? Why else would a company just stop listening? Why else would a company just stop communicating? Unless of course they are ashamed of the mess they've made out of our world and just hope we all go away.

Sorry Papa Phil and Mama Robin, we aren't going anywhere, until we take back OUR WORLD, remember, YOU gave it to us, and WE entrusted you to keep it nice; do you really think you have done your jobs? Perhaps your salaries should be commensurate with your performance, if that were the case, I would be happy to loan you a couple dollars for McDonalds on your way home tonight.

Stop the madness, give us a stable grid, and open your ears once more.

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