Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogging is easy, when the material is plentiful...thank you Linden Labs!

Someone asked me the other day, is Blogging hard? You know, when you Blog about anything, you need to have a viewpoint and material to shed light about your viewpoint. When you Blog, like in my case, about Second Life being broken, you might think that it would be hard to get material, because certainly, any respectable gaming company would try their best to keep BUGS out of their system.

Well, in the case of Linden Labs, that's not exactly how they choose to operate. You see, instead of fixing bugs, and grid performance, and database issues, and teleporting issues, etc., etc,. they just continue adding more and more enhancements to their system. I suppose they think it's easier to just pile on new stuff and when they do so, the community will SHOUT FOR JOY and forget all the problems. Let's take for instance this past weeks "FIX". This week's fix, which came in on Wednesday, was supposed to bring us the new and wonderful world of WINDLIGHT, where the sky will seem more realistic. Now, in all honesty, I viewed this in the FIRST VIEWER and will say, this is a wonderful addition and looks great, that is if you have a system like mine with dual 7900GTX Graphics Cards that can handle the overload, but still it is nice. So, it's in the world right? WRONG! As soon as it was put in, it was pulled out, and you ask why? Because it was FULL OF BUGS. Now, in an apparent attempt at sanity, Linden Lab decides that one of their buggy features will be pulled because it's not working correctly. Imagine, if you will, if they would do that with all the other bugs the community has complained about. There have been no less then SEVEN times since WEDNESDAY that Linden Lab has on their Official Blog brought to the attention of the SL Community that there are problems, again, in the system. Let's count the ways, shall we:
  1. Assett Servers Issues - June 13
  2. Support Portal Down - June 14
  3. Assett Servers Issues - June 14
  4. Windlight Pulled - June 14
  5. Errors Purchasing $L - June 15
  6. Login Screen Error - June 15
  7. Database Hiccups - June 16
In three days time, there have been SEVEN issues with Second Life, although ONE of those, the Support Portal is a WEB issue and not a client issue, although, without the Support Portal, no bugs can be reported; perhaps LL is trying a new way of stopping the flow of bugs being reported? What will it take for a company that prides itself on "listening to their customers", to "LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS?" Will it take a post like this, aimed at emberrassing Linden Lab and it's employee's before they will say, "We will do something about these problems finally!", or will Philip, Robin, and the rest of the Linden Lab Employee's continue to turn a blind eye at what they are doing to a truly wonderful place, that is Second Life?

So, back to the original question, is Blogging hard? Not when the company you blog about is giving you material every single day of the week!

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