Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Broken...It's Broken....It's Broken....AGAIN

Today I was finishing up a contract build/landscape job, and like every good and thoughtful builder in Second Life, I was putting PRIMS into LINKSETS and making sure everything is ready to go for the transfer process, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I see it. Quite unbelievable really, since I am known as the "Perfect Connector", but, there it was, a gap between my stairs.

Now, this SHOULD be impossible, since the stairs were put together using the Shift-Copy method in LOCAL mode, meaning a perfect connection every time. So, how did these stairs get out of whack? Then I remembered, a year ago, we, us Builders of Second Life, were having issues with LINKING PRIMS together, as they would suddenly MOVE when you LINKED THEM to one another. But wait, this bug was fixed nearly 9 months back, it was a HUGE thing then, so it can't be broke again; can it?

Well folks, the bad news is, we are going backwards with Linden Lab apparently. The more we complain about the GRID, the Asset Servers, the bugs, they just figure they'll get us back by re-introducing old bugs into the world. I must admit, if I were Linden Lab, and I was wanting people to just stop asking for a better world, I too would re-introduce some of the more hideous bugs we've seen, so people would see just how much better things really are. Kudo's Uncle Phil and Aunt Robin, a brilliant way to stop the complaining.

I just wonder though, if they are going to keep re-introducing old bugs, is that considered an enhancement?

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Dave said...

Bob, you're out of order mate. Any number of factors could have caused the problem from a programming standpoint. It may not even be the same bug, just the same symptoms.
I like your theory of them controlling us by reintroducing old bugs. It's interesting, dystopian, sinister and a fun thing to think about if you're a revolutionary type. Can't have a revolution without an oppressive regime after all.
I don't think it applies in this case but it is a nice theory.
Imaging I was servicing your car. You bring it in with a broken tail light. I mend the tail light but as you leave the garage, you get a flat. A screw that was left on the ground is embedded in your tyre. You yell at me for leaving the screw there.
What do I do?
Smash your tail light and say, "Look how much better off you were a minute ago?"
Doesn't sit right with me mate.
Again, nice theory though, for the reasons mentioned above.

Take it cheesy,

Dave Talamasca