Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Call to Arms

My friends, today I sent a passionate plea to a couple of my friends at Linden Lab. Begging them to stop the madness and make our world of Second Life stable. I've fired the shot across their bow, and hope they see it as a friendly gesture to wake them up to the inevitability of the death of Second Life if something isn't done, and done fast.

So, now I take another shot, at you, the reader. What have you done, if you agree with me, to tell Linden Lab that you want change? Have you joined a group that supports the fixing of bugs, grid issues, etc? Have you started your own group to call out this injustice? Have you signed the project open letter, or joined their cause?

A people that won't speak, are a people that won't be heard. If you aren't heard, how can Second Life ever get fixed? If Linden Lab seriously believes that there's only a handful of people complaining, do you think they will ever do what we ask?

I'm asking everyone, to do one simple thing. Get Involved. If you don't know how, here's two simple ways. First, join the group SILENT PROTEST in Second Life. I created the group in hopes to garner support from other EVENT HOSTS who would instead of holding their regular events, would hold SILENT PROTESTS during them. If there are no events going on in Second Life, Residents will start to leave and complain. Linden Lab will understand our message then, and I fear only then. Second, go to Project Open Letter, and ask Cristiano what you can do to help. Take it to heart what he tells you, and go and do.

Only by the community working together, will we ever get Linden Lab to listen to us. This isn't a fight about shutting off the wonderful world of Second Life, it's a fight about saving it from it's demise. If Linden Lab continues to heap more and more enhancements on the grid, the grid will eventually collapse upon itself and we will be without a truly remarkable place; Second Life.

By the way, if you are a Linden Lab employee and you agree, tell Philip or Robin, they are honest and caring people and will be happy to listen to what their own employee's are saying; right Philip, right Robin?


Anonymous said...

The only way to get the lindens listening is by screwing up their statistics. Nothing will come more to their attention than when everyone boycotts SL for one weekend. Just like they screwed up my weekend by just leaving the office and push all problems unfixed to the next week, we should all take a one weekend break as well.

Nothing will get their attention more then "a few users online"

Dave said...

Woah, woah, woah, slow down fellas. You seem to be forgetting something Bob mate. LL doesn't really owe you anything. It may seem that way because of the awesomeness of the past and what you feel has been "taken away" from you by recent updates, but the fact of the matter is they don't owe you jack. At the end of the day you can cancel your subscription and walk away. It would be a mighty big shame to leave such a wonderful community (even though the forum is basically a flame war against LL) due to problems that *every* online system, virtual world, website, game etc. has. It would be especially bad to lose my old mentor and the man who helped me so much in my early second life.
I will say again what I said in an earlier reply, SL is not dying, you are simply unhappy with the way it's going. The grid will continue, riddled with bugs or not, long after you or I leave and LL will make a ton of money. Make the best of the time you have.
I don't like religion as a principal, but one thing a religios fella once said seems appropriate here, "treat every day as a gift".