Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time draws near

Well friends, it seems to this Blogger and Long-Time Resident of Second Life, that the time to leave the fascinating world just might be drawing near.

Recently I have been inundated with IM's from nearly everyone I know concerning the announcement that Linden Lab plans to RESTRICT MEMORY usage on every SIM, even Homesteads and Private Islands.

While I understand that Linden Lab has the right to oversee the Public SIMs, I really don't understand why Linden Lab thinks they should stick their noses into the Private SIMs that others are paying for. Was it the Private SIM owners that setup their Servers in such a way that put 4 SIMs on every server? Was it the Private SIM owners that decided on the amount of total Memory that would be contained on each Server? It seems to this Old Timer that once again Linden Lab is putting the screws to the Customers after they (Linden Lab employees) made bad decisions.

Just like the OpenSpace fiasco, Linden Lab has determined that it should be their Customers that pay for Linden Lab's apparent Non-Informed Decision Making. Instead of doing what's RIGHT or GOOD for the Customer, Linden Lab once again would rather alienate their Customers; it's much easier right?

Well, folks, I've decided that if this new "Policy" goes into effect, it will be the proverbial Straw that breaks the Camels back, and I will be leaving the world of Second Life for good. I have already been checking out how I can move my Inventory to a New World and to what New World do I wish to move. At the time of this Blog Post, I am leaning toward moving to "In Worldz". You can check our InWorldz for yourself and see what they have to offer and what real Customer Service is like. I know it will be a sad day for me when I leave Second Life, as I know there will be some people I never see again; many of them friends. I only hope that those of you that are my friends will stay in touch, even if just by e-mail.

Linden Lab gave us an incredible world back in 2002, and many of us have enjoyed that world beyond what is possible to express in words alone. All of us who have enjoyed the world of Second Life will be bound together by common experiences and the time we spent chatting together. Linden Lab gave us Second Life and now Linden Lab seems determined to destroy it as well. Unfortunately, we aren't able to save Second Life, as I'd hoped; for one to be saved, one needs want to be saved. Linden Lab themselves have worked without rest over the past 4 years to destroy the one thing they gave us all to enjoy and by most accounts knew what they were doing and chose to do so all the same. I've never seen a Company reach heights like Linden Lab reached and then reach the Lows as Linden Lab has reached. Greed is the one ingredient that will sour the whole batch, and unfortunately, the people at Linden Lab were the greediest.

So here's to Linden Lab, you gave us a great world and you ripped out our hearts as you slowly destroyed it.

Is this that Change you were promising me Blue?

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