Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Close

Just in case you thought I hadn't noticed, Linden Lab still is unable to keep Second Life running for a mere 7 days without having problems.

Once again today, the seemingly inevitable Login Issue has reared its ugly head and foiled all that hard (minimum definition) work.

[UPDATE] Isolated login and inventory issues

[3:11pm PST] An isolated number of residents who have been experiencing the login and inventory issues will be logged out from inworld and will experience a short delay logging back in. We will keep this delay as minimum as possible. Please refer back to this blog for updates.

[3:02pm PST] We are still experiencing isolated issues with logins and inventory. Please refer back to this blog for updates.

[1:01pm PST] We are currently experiencing isolated login issues. You may see extended login times, difficulty logging in or errors in logins. We are also seeing related isolated inventory issues where a small group of residents will only see their default library of inventory. Please refer back to the blog for updates.

Once again we ask for our friend Blue to tell us, "Is THIS the change the NEW Management Team was taking about?"

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