Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once again Linden Lab fails at Basic Support

Today I was speaking with a friend of mine in Second Life when he became a bit agitated and told me about his recent encounter with Linden Lab Support.

My friend is a "Free Account" player but has an In-World Business and took out one of those 999L "get your business noticed" advertisements on XSTREETSL.COM. Well, a day or two into this advertisement period, my friend and his Business Partner had a falling out and so he went to the XSTREETSL.COM website and followed the instructions to put this advertisement on hold. As usual with any Linden Lab product, the advertisement ran on despite what my friend wanted, and so he basically squandered his 999L. Since my friend had trouble with this issue, he turned to Support to try and get some assistance, but since he is a "Free Account" he isn't entitled to any Support, no matter how much MONEY he might have spent or even generated in Second Life.

I find it simply amazing that Linden Lab thinks it's completely normal that people spend MONEY with them, but aren't given any support. Of course, my friend didn't want me to start a support ticket on his behalf, so I decided to do this instead.

Here's a HINT to everyone thinking about starting an Avatar in Second Life; don't do it. Linden Lab has proven time and again, that they are merely interested in your money. They don't even HIDE the fact that they will take your money and give you no support, matter if fact, they probably would rather you just skip starting an Avatar all together and write them a Personal Check directly for whatever amount of cash you have available.

Linden Lab has again shown just what kind of Business Ethics they have as a Corporate Body. I'm sad to say, no matter what Blue Linden wants me to believe, but the New Boss is the Same as the Old Boss, we've been fooled again.

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