Monday, January 25, 2010

I Give Up....LL Wins

Today friends I awoke and found this bit of disturbing news:

Group Payout Issues

[24 January 2010 8:30PM Pacific] There are currently technical issues with Group Payouts which will be delayed. Our teams are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible. Please watch this blog for any further details.

What is so disturbing about this you might ask? It's not the content as much, it's the regularity and constant flow of the content that I find disturbing. Quite honestly, I started this recent thread of Blog Announcements as a joke, something to get under the skin of our friends of Linden Lab. The problem is, it seems that Linden Lab doesn't care about this joke.

OK, I know, that's silly, why should Linden Lab care that I'm making fun of them. Well, for the most part I agree, but, it's the reason I'm making fun of them that they should care about. I am basically saying that at Linden Lab there is no one competent enough to keep Second Life running for a 7 (SEVEN) days without a single issue. You know, it is there job to see that Second Life is always available for the Paying Customer. So basically I'm saying that Linden Lab hires people that can't do the job for which they've been hired. The disturbing part of that is, it's true.

I fully expected that Linden Lab would easily be able to shut me up and keep Second Life going for a simple 7 (SEVEN) days without issue. I'm wrong apparently, because here we are again, another week gone by and yet another issue. Ask yourself this question, "What would it be like if I were hired to perform a job, and yet, every time I attempted to perform that Job, I messed it up?" As someone who worked 26 years before being forced to the sidelines by a disability, I know if I were in the boat that Linden Lab employee's seem to be in, I would be embarrassed to admit where I worked, let alone take home a paycheck for not being able to do the job I was hired to perform.

So, instead of continuing to point out the obvious, I quit. I'm not going to quit Second Life, as I have always said, Second Life is a wondrous place and for many people the only place they have for Social Interaction. Instead, I quit trying to embarrass a group of people who are either too lazy or just plain incompetent, to do the job they were hired to do.

What is the point of me spouting on each week if after each week we continue to see the same result? Linden Lab doesn't care if their Product, the Product they are SELLING and taking MONEY for, isn't up to anyone's definition of "par". I guess it's true what the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has said about Linden Lab and their ability to operate as a Company, they get an F.

It was almost One Year ago when Linden Lab received this bad news from the BBB, and M Linden, the new CEO, said at that time that it was the OLD GUARD who was at fault for this and Linden Lab would NOT continue to receive a Failing Grade in the very near future. I guess the question for M Linden is, "What is your definition of the VERY NEAR FUTURE?" I suppose M's definition of NEAR FUTURE is the same as the others who have said that certain problems would be fixed SOON; here we sit, almost 3 (THREE) years later and the Asset Server is STILL having issues.

I quit asking Blue Linden to tell me what the New Guard was suppose to do, because today it's clear that the New Guard is no different from the Old Guard. They both have made empty promises and continue to take people's money even though they can't provide a product that will run without issue for just 7 days.

So tell me friends, would you want to work for a company that didn't expect you to actually do anything right? I would ask Blue what he thinks, but his answer is clear, he STILL works for Linden Lab.

Sorry friends, looks like we got fooled again!

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Peter Stindberg said...

I'm following your blog for a while, and what was a chuckle at first became a little bit annoying lately. While there is certainly a lot about LL that invites for constructive criticism, I would like to focus on the point you used as focus point in your last posts too: the service interruptions.

I am not particular to what size/complexity the software/hardware system is that runs SL. But I am pretty sure it is HUGE and COMPLEX. Whether it needs to be so complex and whether the complexity is more of a burden these days is open to discussion by people more qualified than I am. But we can safely assume it is huge and it is complex.

I am following the grid status blog as well, and the service interruptions are usually minor. Dividends delayed for a day, group payouts delayed for some. A few regions offline. I recall one emergency patch deployed. But now showstoppers.

The point you completely miss here is that the Lab actually COMMUNICATES these issues! If group payouts are delayed for some residents, they could just as well "hush it up". But no, they actively and timely communicate it on the grid status. I am pretty sure systems of similar (or even smaller complexity) have a similar number of small glitches - only you never hear about them.

The public communication of LL has always been a target for criticism - also by me - but in this case they actually do a pretty good job at informing us what happens. And you don't find that often.

If we would have a showstopper every week, I could understand your position. But focusing on those minor and noncritical things seems a bit over the top to me.