Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Challenge to the TEAM at Linden Lab

Fairly recently Babbage Linden announced that Linden Lab will be implementing Memory Usage Restrictions for ALL SIMS and Users of Second Life. Babbage said this action was being taken in direct response to the Residents of Second Life demanding that Linden Lab do something about the LAG that plagues the Virtual World.

Babbage Linden claims that the majority of the LAG is actually caused by the Residents of Second Life and NOT by the Coding of Second Life. In other words, once again, just like with OpenSpace, Linden Lab says that the Customer is the problem, not Linden Lab.

Unfortunately for Babbage Linden the Grid Team at Linden Lab have been reporting Grid Issues in their Blogs for quiet some time, I've never seen them say that LOGIN or ASSET SERVER Issues were caused by the Residents. Following this to its Logical Conclusion it must therefore be a problem caused by Linden Lab; something apparently Babbage Linden wants to dispute.

It's only been a year since Linden Lab announced that the Evil Residents of Second Life were to blame for all the problems with OpenSpace SIMs, even though Linden Lab employee's used their OpenSpace SIMs in the exact same way when they created the Nautilus Continent.

Being an observer of what's going on in Second Life and at Linden Lab, it certainly does look to me that Linden Lab has a real issue admitting that they have a problem and they would rather pass all the blame to their Evil Customers. I don't think anyone will dispute the fact that the coding of Second Life is in a state of dis-repair, but do you see anyone from Linden Lab saying, "As the Residents learn to code more cleanly, Linden Lab will also be going through the Second Life Code and cleaning up their own mistakes"?

Why does Linden Lab constantly blame their Customers for a problem that, if you believe what Babbage Linden says, has been going on for years. IF this problem has been going on for years, why did Linden Lab allow it to go on for years? Just like with the OpenSpace SIMs fiasco, where Linden Lab not only overlooked what their Customers were doing, were aware of and did the very same things themselves with OpenSpace SIMs. We have the exact same issue here, that Linden Lab KNEW of the problem, but did NOTHING to correct the problem for the last 7 years.

Linden Lab is following a very dangerous trend here. They (Linden Lab) seem to think that it's easier to blame your Customers for everything, even if you share in the problem, and I dare say, probably are MORE of the problem then the Customers are.

Blue Linden asked me to hold-off these past few months and see what this "new" management team would be like. Well, it certainly seems to this observer that this "new" management team has picked up the ball where the "old" management team left off and have gone down the very same road. Is this the "new way" that I was supposedly waiting for? I've seen this "way" before, and it's as unappetizing as it was the very first time Linden Lab asked us to take part in it.

Linden Lab is often saying that they work as a Team with their Customers. Why Linden Lab even has their Customers reporting bugs through JIRA, certainly not what anyone would call a User-Friendly system. So, if we, the Customers of Second Life, are part of this Team, I would like to know just when Linden Lab will be announcing that their Coding Team will be going back into the Code of Second Life and cleaning it up to help improve on Memory Usage? When will the "Bug Coders" actually be giving 100% of their time to the Asset Server issue which is now THREE YEARS old? When will the Management Team stand up and accept Linden Lab's responsibility in this mess?

When I was a working stiff years ago, I was in charge of Managing a Group of Coders that wrote for a very obscure language which was used for our Remote Locations (23 of them), the other Manager had a team of about 10 or so Coders that wrote COBOL for the IBM Mainframe . I had this saying that I would wind up saying at "Team" meetings when the IBM Manager did everything he could to pass the buck to my Team, I would say, "Teamwork isn't that my Team does your work". That saying of mine seems to be prevalent even today with Linden Lab, as they are asking the Scripters in Second Life to "write better code", why then aren't they asking their own Coders to fix the problems in the Second Life Code, I mean, we are part of a TEAM Effort, aren't we?

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