Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New year - Here we go again!

Well Friends, welcome to another New Year in our lives. As 2009 starts up and 2008 gets laid to rest, our "friends" at Linden Lab has kicked in the propaganda machine already.

Up this time to blow the Hot Air Machine for Linden Lab is Claire Linden. Claire writes about the International expansions in Second Life and points out that 60% of the users in Second Life were from countries OUTSIDE the United States. What Claire didn't report was how many of these "users" were bots or alts left running; one wonders just what the real numbers are when you subtract those two. Claire also speaks about 2009 and how Linden Lab hopes for a good year, while Linden Lab is hoping to do better in 2009, I wonder just how well things would go for them, especially with the Second Life Community, if Linden Lab began practicing their ever faithful phrase, "Open and Transparent" communication.

You see, while Claire Linden likes to speak of the "hope of the future" for Linden Lab, what she fails to do is Open Comments or even open a Forum Discussion for the Second Life Community to chime in. Linden Lab is getting an early start on shoveling the manure for sure and as usual is hoping the Second Life Community will just sit back and be brain-washed by its Hot Air Propaganda.

So here's to Claire Linden, the newest in the "drink the kool-aid" club at Linden Lab, and to our Favorite Auntie Robin Harper, for once again showing us all that "Open and Transparent" communication, is no communication at all.

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Jitske said...

Linden Lab doesn't care about their "International"" (read non-USA) customers, since they utterly fail to be able to provide a method of payment that doesn't include the american way of Credit Card. If you're from E. Europe and want to be a member, good luck!

Anyway 2008 has been such a disaster in SL I am actually amazed to find myself still here. I think Windlight is a disaster and has made all avatars ugly. I think Voice is the cause of all the lag and the group IM Chat problems, and they won't admit it or fix it. Generally LL has been a set of dictatorial deaf decisionmakers, and they have made it worse by practically shutting down the blog, and keeping the forum limited so there is no space anymore for us to share our misgivings about Linden Lab's "great ideas" like Voice and Windlight and other non-improvements.