Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where oh where has the TRUTH gone?

Today, I took an opportunity to hijack a Forum Thread over at to ask a simple question:

"How is winning a $10,000 prize from Linden Lab recognition from the Second Life Community?"

As you recall I Blogged about this Linden Lab Prize earlier this week and this was one of the HARD questions that simply fell on deaf ears when Katt Linden closed the Forum there.

Katt Linden took offense at me asking this question, and removed my post. I of course, pressed the issue and posted the same question again. This time, instead of removing my post and locking me out of that Forum, Katt decided to confront me in-world.

Now, I originally was going to blast Katt Linden for her inconsiderate behaviour and lack of ethics, but something Katt Linden said to me made me realize that she was right about one thing between Linden Lab and myself; I've been quite acidic in our relationship.

I'm not one to run from the truth so I'm here to tell you, I'm quite the asshole at times when I deal with Linden Lab and the Employee's that work there.

So, now that I've come forward with my truth, let's see which Linden Lab employee comes forward with their truth. Like closing Forums instead of answering questions or confronting acidic assholes in-world and still refusing to answer questions or making accusations during said confrontation and running away, instead of again, answering questions. Does Katt Linden have the ETHICS to step up and do the right thing or is she just looking for me to back down and stop asking hard questions?

Here's what I'm going to do. I'll be emailing a copy of this Blog Post to Katt Linden and give her a chance to confront her own truth and see if she might be willing to actually answer the original question asked:

How does winning $10,000.00 from Linden Lab equate into recognition from the Second Life Community?

Now, like the RULES and QUALIFICATIONS of who can participate in the Linden Lab Prize, I have a qualification myself; I want an answer to the question, not propaganda, not what the top 10 people will be getting, but the simple truth, "How does winning $10,000.00 from Linden Lab equate into recognition from the Second Life Community?"

So, stay tuned here to see if Katt Linden cares to respond or will she just "run for the hills"?

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Anna J Tsiolkovsky said...

By 'recognition' I always assumed they meant "Linden Lab will tell the world who won the Prize", the recognition being just a news post. Not 'recognition' as in "The residents of Second Life took a vote or something and chose this person/influenced LL on this person" or anything else that suggests the SL Community would have a hand in it. No, recognition will be of the 'I will tell you and you will listen' variety.

Of course, that is why they will never answer your question, you know. The true answer is "Nothing at all". I do not understand why this is such a bother to them. Anyone can figure it out simply by reading the faqs on the prize itself that residents in SL will have little input on the whole selection process:

"Linden Lab will announce the number of entries, and number of finalists. Only the applications that make the final round will be made public. All others will be kept private in accordance with Linden Lab's privacy policy."

Reading that, it seems the only real chance we would ever have at giving 'recognition' is with the finalists (that LL has chosen, of course).