Sunday, January 11, 2009

Linden Lab and Television commonalities....

Just like Sunday Afternoon TV has nothing but crap or re-runs, Linden Lab has the same problem with Teleporting and Login Failures.

If anyone wants a real interesting read, head over to the GRID STATUS page for Second Life.

Notice in the past two weeks how many times Linden Lab has had problems that caused them to either restrict logins or disable them all together.

Now, I know it takes a while to track down issues, and I'm for giving Linden Lab their time to fix things, but these issues have been ongoing for two years; just how long is long enough?

Maybe I'm old fashion, but I know if it took me better then two years to fix a problem in a system when I was working in Coding, I'd be out of a job; matter of fact, I'd been out of a job at the end of a month, but who's counting?

So, for all your Linden Lab support kiddies, just HOW LONG should we give Linden Lab to fix these issues before we complain?

For me, we've past that point, quite a while ago actually, so while I wait for the Engineers at Linden Lab to fix this latest problem, I'll be asking for people's heads.

Thanks, I hope your Sunday is going better then mine!

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