Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running for Office

My Friends, I've decided to join the Dark Side; if it will have me that is.

What I mean is, I have put forth my name for consideration to the TOP of the TOP at Linden Lab to join the Executive Team.

Now stop your laughing! I'm absolutely serious about this. I have actually emailed the big guns at Linden Lab asking them to add ME, the royal pain in their butts, to the Executive Team at Linden Lab.

I feel, as many in the Community do, that there is NO VOICE on the Executive Team, or at Linden Lab, that gives consideration to the Community, the Customers, the ones paying the bills! I've been within the Community for nearly Six years now, and I certain don't have trouble speaking my mind, nor am I apt to become blinded by the "famous" personalities at Linden Lab.

There are two reason why I have made this decision. First, and probably least, was today's announcement that two new people, who have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with Second Life, have been added to the Executive Team of Linden Lab. Second, and the MOST important reason, was my poor New Resident Q&A Event at the Education Faire yesterday.

Yes, I failed absolutely at the Event. It was horrid, only ONE New Resident showed, and the audience was filled with Educators and Lindens. Educators were there I'm sure to see how someone who's been doing New Resident Education for so long has survived all this time. The Linden's were there, I'm sure, to keep me in line! I mean seriously, do we need 4 Linden Employee's at my New Resident Q&A Event to keep me in line?

Anyway, instead of having a New Resident Q&A Event, it turned into a general Chit-Chat that covered a wide range of subjects, with yours truly moderating and offering his opinions. While the Linden's in attendance didn't agree with some of what I put forth, I think the audience saw the wisdom to my words. I would like to say that we were so popular that we were pulling people away from the booths, but I'm sure most of the walk-in traffic was due to people seeing a mob of green dots and they wanted to see what was going on. But, when those people arrived, they sat down, listened, and even joined in the discussion.

While I may have blown the New Resident Q&A, I did moderate a high-level discussion that dealt with things from Teen Grid Merger to Freezing the production of Second Life.

I think it's high time that Linden Lab put someone on the Executive Team to watch out for what the Community wants, for what the Community is thinking, for the Customer and not the Dollar, and yes, I think I'm the person for that position. What I would like you to do, if you agree, is to write the following people, letting them know you think I would make a great addition to their Executive Team. If you disagree, I want you to email the following people and tell them you think I should absolutely NOT be allowed on the Executive Team.

Personally I don't care either way how you feel, I just think it's time to get someone on the Executive team that will start looking out for the best interest of the Community; I just happen to believe that I'm the best person for that.


Philip Rosedale - philip@lindenlab.com

Robin Harper - robin@lindenlab.com

John Zdanowski - johnz@lindenlab.com

Mark Kingdon - markk@lindenlab.com

Tom Hale - tomh@lindenlab.com

Frank Ambrose - franka@lindenlab.com

Brian Michon - brianm@lindenlab.com

Joe Miller - joem@lindenlab.com

Howard Look - howardl@lindenlab.com

Marty Roberts - martyr@lindenlab.com

Cyn Skyberg - cyns@lindenlab.com

Judy Wade - judyw@lindenlab.com

Gene Yoon - geney@lindenlab.com

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Anonymous said...

so we are all left guessing that you went to work for LL since we have not heard a word about you ever since you made this announcment?
Well if you did go to work for them then I guess silence is par for the course lol.