Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good News for the Sailing Community

Linden Lab announced thru the Blog today that they are going to be opening a new Sailing area in a joint community project between Linden Lab and the United Sailing Sims Group.

This is great news, as it had been feared the USS would have to close down because of the OpenSpace fiasco.

Congratulations to Linden Lab and USS for working out a compromise!

Now, with this precedent set, let me be the first to ask, just WHO can the rest of the OpenSpace people turn to, to get Linden Lab assistance to keep their OpenSpace SIM converted to a "joint community project"? Is Linden Lab going to help every single person that got screwed or does Linden Lab only care about the "BIG MONEY" people in Second Life?

I will of course be asking Linden Lab this very question, but I doubt they will respond. As we all know, Linden Lab and the employee's that work there only talk, they don't listen, and they certainly won't answer the difficult questions put forth, so please don't expect a response.

I'm glad that Linden Lab helped out the LARGE group USS, but I'm unhappy to NOT hear of any help going out to those OpenSpace users that don't own 130 OpenSpace SIMs. Once again, Management has spoken, they care only about MONEY, not about what's fair.

I must therefore point out again, "past behaviour predicts future actions", Philip was the CEO at REALNetworks and it was run into the ground, I guess Second Life is next.


Anonymous said...

As Jack himself stated, other communities can also do this same type of thing if they propose a project and it's approved. While there's clearly no guarantee of approval, if a community like Caledon or whoever wants to submit a proposal, do so, what harm can it do?

As for opening up some homestead sims that are all water sims for the use of the public for sailing, and using them to tie the USS sims to the mainland, it's a fantastic idea. This is good for the public if they actually want to use boats for sailing, or faster boats for recreation, etc.

I think it's a fantastic announcement and the most positive thing LL has done all year!

-- Yngwie Krogstad

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Yes, just as long as you are a BIG Contributor to the Linden Lab bottom line, they'll be happy to help you out of this OpenSpace SIM mess they made.

Of course, all those individuals that don't own hundreds of SIMs, well, they are just out of luck.

BIG MONEY wins out every time at Linden Lab.