Monday, August 20, 2007

I QUIT...and let me tell you why!

Yesterday, I announced to Blue Linden, Philip Rosedale, Robin Harper and the Second Life Mentors, that I QUIT the Volunteer Program that I had been a part of for over 4 years.

Let me explain my reasoning for this.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Blue Linden, who caught wind that I was upset, and possibly (not true of course) telling Residents, while acting in a Mentor Capacity, that the way to file a bug report was to contact a Linden, tell them, and leave it at that. Of course, that I the directions I gave on this BLOG and I still stand by that, and you can ready WHY I say to do that by reading this BLOG POSTING.

Anyway, Blue Linden said that I would be removed from my Mentor capacity if I didn't change my "attitude". At which I told Blue, if he wants me out, he's free to remove me. This must have caught Blue by surprise, as the next day, he asked for some time for a "chat". Blue explained that he wasn't saying I was getting kicked out, only that he's seen people who've been as upset as me and that has interfered in how THEY did their Mentoring. Of course, he had NO complaints against me, only assumed that because I am angry, that I would do the same as others have before me. I told Blue that as long as I was Mentoring, and had my MENTOR tag on, I would give the company line, whether I agreed with it or not. To which he said that was fine and all was now well.

Now, the problem I have been having while I do Mentor, is this. I have been answering more questions concerning PROBLEMS with Second Life, then with actually teaching people the basics of Second Life. Such as, "What's the deal with me looking like a girl all the time?", or "How come I couldn't login for over two hours, and how come most of my inventory is now missing?" You see, I have a real problem when New Residents want Mentors to give answers for BUGS that are plaguing our world, when Linden Lab is not willing to acknowledge those BUGS even exist, let alone to actually work on them. I have a problem with LYING to New Residents, as you must do to "speak the company line" and say they need only file a BUG REPORT and all will be fixed in due time. Like the Asset Server issue, that has been around now for THREE MONTHS and people are still missing great portions of their inventory. I guess Linden Lab believes the more BUG REPORTS we file, that will somehow magically transform the issue into being resolved and all will be well.

I signed on to be a Mentor to TEACH and give HELP to those that needed it. Not to LIE to them because Linden Lab is failing to do their jobs. So, instead of living under the Hypocrisy of the Mentor tag, I gave up something I valued greatly, because being a Mentor is no longer what it used to be, now it's just lying to the New Residents and playing Cheer Leader for a gaming company that won't accept the problems at their own doorstep.

Today I'm declaring FULL WAR on Linden Lab, and asking that every Mentor to consider what I've written here, and follow my example. It's time to show Linden Lab that we have a conscious even if they don't. It's time to exercise our "muscle" as a group, to try and FORCE change, to try and make Linden Lab see that we are sick and tired of having to LIE to Residents about how BUGS will be fixed in DUE TIME. It's time every "volunteer" take up the cause of bringing Second Life back to when it was a worth while place to spend time.

Failure to act will not bring our World back to where it once was, it will only succeed in killing it off.

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