Thursday, August 9, 2007

American Red Cross is being SUED...

Sorry for going OFF-ROAD today, but something this despicable needs to be pointed out.

While reading Slashdot (also referred to as /.) I found this:

This is the MOST ridiculous action I've ever seen. While I may not appreciate how Linden Lab is taking care of Second Life, at least they have not sued someone dying from cancer for using the Second Life name without adding TM to it.

I strongly urge everyone that reads this BLOG (all 5 of you) to contact Johnson and Johnson and file a strong complaint and to STOP using or BUYING all Johnson and Johnson products until and unless Johnson and Johnson drops this outrageous lawsuit! Also, contact EVERYONE you know and tell them to contact Johnson and Johnson as well.

We now return to our regularly scheduled rants of Linden Lab and Second Life.


Maximilian Zhichao said...

Lame money grubbing stunt. Given the length of time that both the Red Cross and Johnson and Johnson have used the red cross, it will most likely be dropped before it reaches trial since J&J took almost 80+ years to file an objection.

Yes - Max is still around... :)

Maximilian Zhichao said...

Also, your complaints do get heard. I've seen it happen before at my workplace when we've protested a certain big box retailer for certain issues. Within weeks, they reversed the policy issued and issued a statement to the effect of "we have heard consumer complaints regarding this matter and have decided not to proceed with this campaign..."