Friday, December 19, 2008

Come see Winterfaire!

Linden Lab announced today that WINTERFAIRE is now available for the GRAND TOUR.

This is just another way that Linden Lab is trying to keep people from talking about the mess of the OpenSpace SIMs.

As you know, our wonderful incompetent management at Linden Lab announced that the OpenSpace SIM's would be reformed and re-priced at a higher rate of course.

What Linden Lab Management failed to mention was they alone were responsible for the OpenSpace SIM mess. Linden Lab sold OpenSpace SIM's at a lower price then the regular Private SIMs and gave those that bought them 3700 PRIM Limit. the Community of Second Life quickly bought up MANY of these OpenSpace SIMs and used them as any other property. Some became Landlords, some put up Commercial property, others put a bunch of them together and raced their sailboats. It goes without saying that the OpenSpace SIMs were a hit. Unfortunately, the Management team at Linden Lab didn't like what OpenSpace owners did, and decided to blame them for the lag in the world.

The REAL story though is that Linden Lab employee's and the Management team FAILED to watch what people were doing with OpenSpace SIMs. Now, to be fair, there were RULES that were supposed to be followed when you bought an OpenSpace SIM. The problem is many didn't read the fine print and did what everyone in Second Life does, use their land to the maximum. Linden Lab employees, including the Management Team, failed to investigate the OpenSpace Community to see what people were doing. IF the Linden Lab employee's were doing their job correctly, they would have contacted those people that were breaking the rules and inform them that they can't use these OpenSpace SIMs in the manner they were.

Instead of doing the RIGHT thing, Linden Lab decided to scrap the whole program (thowing out the baby with the bath water) and RAISE the price of OpenSpace SIMs along with telling some OpenSpace SIM owners that they would have to upgrade to a regular Private Sim if they continued to use their OpenSpace SIM in the manner they were operating now.

Of course, there was an outcry by the OpenSpace Community and more then 95% of those that spoke out were against this new Police announced by Linden Lab. This got the attention of our wimp leader and CEO M Linden and he announced that the Policy wouldn't take effect until June of 2009, giving OpenSpace SIM users a reprieve of 6 months.

I would like to point out that the responsible CEO knows that he needs to lead the Company in such a way as to make a Profit. Unfortunately, M Linden is apparently not trying to do this, because in November Linden Lab lost 2000 customers and the month of December might surpass this as OpenSpace SIM owners abandon Second Life for other places like OpenLife. Instead of making a Profit, what Linden Lab has done was run off PAYING Customers.

This is a sad time in Second Life. As Linden Lab employee's brush off Customers like flies at a picnic, and the Linden Lab Management team turns a Blind Eye. I fear that Second Life will soon, instead of LATER, be closing and the Second Life Community will be left with nothing but bad memories of how Philip, Robin, Blue, M, Tim, Howard, and the rest of the Management Team FAILED them.

It's time to start looking for a new home, one place that people can check out is OpenLife. It looks like they are moving forward and making progress. They are still in BETA, but you can already purchase Land there, and a full SIM will cost you $59USD a month, that also gives you 45000 PRIMS to use.

While it's sad that Second Life is failing fast, at least we have options to turn to. There are more placed then just OpenLife, if my readers know of these, please put a URL in the comment sections so others can find a new home.

As for Linden Lab, I guess you all have finally done it, you have run Second Life into the ground and pissed off the Second Life Community. It's too bad, you had a good start, but for the past three years you have failed the Community and Second Life. Instead of listening to the Second Life Community, you merely pretended to be concerned with the Community and their problems. Linden Lab failed to realize the most important rule of running a successful business; keep your Customers happy. Instead Linden Lab did everything they could to run our Loved Second Life into the ground and Failed the Second Life Community on all sides.

I wonder just how much of this mess has been caused by Philip's idea that Second Life needed to be on the bleeding edge. There's just one problem with that philosophical ideal, eventually you run out of Blood and your creation dies.

Good Job Philip, Robin, Blue, M, Tom, Howard, and the rest of you, along with your employee's, you have not only failed to listen to your customers, you failed to keep your own creation, Second Life, along with the Second Life Community.

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