Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are once again experiencing...oh hell you know the rest

Yes, today at 7:42AM PDT, our "friends" in San Fran once again announced the world of Second Life is apparently experiencing issues with Logins.

This time the culprit is said to be a bad DNS record or server, but once again, you must take what our friends in San Fran say with a LOT of grains of salt.

The real surprise to this observer is simply this. With the WORST record of any production or even BETA month in existence at Linden Lab, Philip Rosedale, the CEO of Linden Lab, and supposed CARING BOSS to the Community, has chose to remain silent. Not even sending Robin Harper out to calm the troops. Of course, they might better be able to gauge the reaction of the Second Life Community if they would ever allow COMMENTS on the Blogs. Although, maybe that's the point. Perhaps Mr. Rosedale got tired of hearing the majority of the Community asking to a Stable Grid and decided just to shut out everyone.

I actually laugh when I think of the times I've spoken with the employee's at Linden Lab and am told how much a wonderful BOSS Mr. Rosedale is, and how he really cares about Second Life and the Community. Well, I guess if you remain silent while your whole world crumbles around you it shows something about your character; or the lack of it.

When will the management team at Linden Lab finally realize that by saying and doing nothing is NOT the right way to handle these issues? I've invited Mr. Rosedale and Ms. Harper to speak on this very subject, but I sincerely doubt they will. The only time they ever seem willing to talk is when they want to speak about something that is coming to Second Life, not something being done to FIX Second Life; apparently these two individuals believe Second Life is just fine.

Time to put the pipe down, take off the rose-colored glasses, and take a long look around there Mr. Rosedale and Ms. Harper, your world is dying, and your customers are fleeing in droves.


dave leack said...

Hi Bob.

I've read your posts and I see where you're coming from and would like to discuss your views re: second life/linden lab.
I'd like to talk with you about SL and I'd like to schedule it so I don't get interrupted :)
I work a lot so we'll have to set it up in advance and since I'm UK it'll have to be in your afternoon if that's amenable, but I'd love to talk to you again about anything and SL is as good a topic as any, and it'd be nice to catch up anyhow :)

Take care mate.

Dave Talamasca.

Deb said...

hey bob, I found this blog because of your billboard by the dock at Teal. This is my 2nd day at SL. I'll be hanging around for awhile to see what's what.