Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Before starting Second Life....consider this


No kidding, today has been laughable at best in the virtual world of Second Life, where on the Official Blog it's been noted that Network problems have been reported and resolved, yet the resolution apparently failed to actually make it into the virtual world itself.

IF you are lucky, every 1 in 50 Notecards actually got saved, every 1 in 100 attempts to Teleport were successful, every 1 in 5 chances to place a VOICE CHAT call actually connected, every 1 in 15 purchases were delivered successfully, and every 1 in 10 logins were actually made successfully!

In an attempt to get answers I turned to our wonderful friends at Linden Lab and heard the following: " "

That's right, apparently all of our friends at Linden Lab are either too busy or just too ashamed to actually respond to questions concerning the incessant Network problems that have plagued the virtual world of Second Life. I believe it's probably the latter, considering if it were the first, things would be getting better, and it just seems to be getting worse day after day.

I guess the next thing the Official Blog will tell is that a number (in the high thousands) of SIMs have failed and will be brought back up as soon as they can find someone who knows what they are doing; thankfully Real Life is still there.

Oh well, alas it's true, Second Life is no longer dying, it appears it's finally dead. Thanks Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin, you did so well at aborting a wonderful creation!

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