Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's time for a change...sadly

Friends, as we have all struggled through the last few weeks in our lovely virtual world of Second Life, I know you, as I, have grown more and more frustrated by the continuous Network Issues greatly effecting our time in Second Life.

This past month of November, is THE WORST month on record for Linden Lab, and what makes it so bad is the complete and utter silence from the top. While the GRID of Second Life continues to fail multiple times each day, those, who've not only allowed Second Life to come to such a mess, but directed it to such a mess, remain steadfast in their silence, hoping that somehow someone from their own ranks will rise up and pull a savior act.

This is the hardest Blog I've written, but I think time has come to call on the resignation of Philip Rosedale and Robin Harper from the ranks of management at Linden Lab. Their apparent non-caring management style is the ONLY reason Second Life is in such disarray. Philip and Robin were given dire warnings, not only by this old-timer, but many many others, concerning the eroding world of Second Life, and chose instead of FIXING the world, just heap more and more enhancements on it. This has no doubt left Second Life trying to catch it's breath daily, and when we see the number of in-world Residents rise, we see the world falling flat on itself; exactly what many of us predicted and warned Mr. Rosedale and Ms. Harper. Now that these dire predictions have come to pass, the only RIGHT and REASONABLE thing for these two non-caring individuals is to finally admit the error of their ways and kindly leave so some other and hopefully more CARING individual can step in and save Second Life.

Philip Rosedale and Robin Harper I once counted as friends in our world of Second Life, they've both sat and chatted with myself and my compatriots in-world before, and I always appreciated that, but now, for whatever reason, it seems these two high managers of Second Life have either forgotten what Second Life was about, or just no longer care, and either way, it's time to call for their departure.

Our world of Second Life will best be served by a management team that cares about Second Life and the Customers that make up the Community of Second Life Residents. We can no longer sit idly by while the management team of Second Life continue to destroy our world, it's time to rise up as a Community and demand satisfaction.

Sorry Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin, but sadly for all, your time has come to take your leave. Give us our world before you completely destroy it!

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