Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sorry, the Old Guard has just changed uniforms

Today, once again, over at that other place I visit, the "overseer" of all that is considered "worthy speech" on the Linden Lab comments, decided my OPINION and FREE SPEECH wasn't as valued as they first thought.

As I was reporting on Char Linden's recent conversion to Commadant of Propaganda for Linden Lab Support, I said the following:

"things sure have changed from the Good Old Days Char, I thought you had more class then that"

I guess that is just something Linden Lab can't handle, that one of their customers would call into the light that one of their valued employee's had stopped pushing so hard for the Community, and has now gone over to the Dark Side.

Guess I was wrong, the Old Guard isn't dead, they're just wearing Nazi Censoring Uniforms.

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