Monday, October 8, 2007

Hypocrisy...such an ugly word...especially when it fits

**Updated at 11:31PM CST GMT-6 Oct. 8, 2007**

Our friends in San Fran have decided to apologize for their Hypocrisy. For this they get a Gold Star! Now, if they open up the Blog Comments on everything but fluff pieces, they will get a RED STAR!

**Updated at 11:31PM CST GMT-6 Oct. 8, 2007**

Our friends at San Fran can add a new title to their acclamation; that of Hypocrite!

A few days back, our friends posted this little ditty and of course, made quite fun of those that were being "critical" of our loved friends.

I find it amazing that our friends would stick their necks out this far, especially when they, who are the great believers of "Free Speech" and "Expressing Opinions" have once again closed their comments on ANY Blog Postings that have to do with any problems concerning Second Life.

Perhaps Uncle Philip would like to take the time and explain how he can commission someone to write such a hypocritical fluff piece like this, when Linden Lab themselves can't be bothered to follow their own Philosphies, or are those just little lies you put out there to fool us Uncle Philip?

Before you criticize someone else's critique of your company, perhaps you should clean up your own back yard, then perhaps it will mean something. Right now it just proves how little Linden Lab has become, needing to attack and belittle another company that reports something negative about it.

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