Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hypocrisy is once more at surprise though

Our friends in San Fran, specifically Matthew Linden, apparently hasn't heard that Hypocrisy isn't what we want at Linden Lab.

Today, Matthew Linden, our wonderful friend, posted a Blog Posting and of course, as usual anymore, left the COMMENTS CLOSED to stifle any criticism that the Community might choose to vent upon Linden Lab.

When will our friends actually understand that they can't say they value "Free Speech" and our opinions and then not give a forum for those to be brought up?

Until this veil of Hypocrisy is lifted at Linden Lab I will continue to make sure everyone knows that these people aren't out for the BETTERMENT of Second Life or it's Community, but for their own self-serving greedy needs.

So, Uncle Philip, what about it? Or is it just too hard to hear all those criticizing your precious "Social Experiment"?

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