Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Linden Lab or Bonnie & Clyde?

Tell me friends, who would you rather meet in a Dark Alley, Linden Lab or Bonnie & Clyde? Personally I would go with Bonnie & Clyde, with them you know exactly what they want and exactly how they plan on getting it.

In case you aren't sure where I'm going, you need to read THIS. After reading that you might still be a little confused. You even might thing that this is something that is good for the Community and the Little Guy. You might even go as far as saying, "Linden Lab is doing right by this!"

Well, I would normally agree with you, but I was stupid and dug deeper into the details of this blog post. You see, I thought to myself, "I might give this a try, see if it actually go me anymore business", and so I started looking deeper into the possibility and finally found what I was looking for, the Price! Now, before we discuss this further, you should probably sit down. If you are sitting down, you should still brace yourself.

So, the Prices are this, for the least expensive ad if will cost you $1,500USD and for the most expensive ad it will cost you $4,500USD. I know, you are probably thinking that's a misprint but no, those are the real prices.

Here is a prime example of Linden Lab being out of touch with the Second Life Community. 99% of the Merchants in Second Life could NEVER afford this. Instead of Linden Lab looking like the good guys on this, they instead look like your ordinary everyday CROOK. I've talked at length about how Linden Lab doesn't understand it's own Residents and this proves my point. Linden Lab had a great opportunity with this to gain some good publicity with their own Customers if they would have made this a more reasonable price for the average Resident in Second Life. Instead, of course, we see that Linden Lab is once again trying to get every last penny from us and not giving a damn about us in the process. I must say that Linden Lab continues being consistent; consistently bad.

At least we have another Puzzle Piece of the Management Team. Not only are they Liars and Cheats, but they are gluttonous Liars and Cheats. I wonder Blue, how's that new Management Team looking now?

I think the following should be the MOTD: *** Warning - Residents should Lock their Wallets and Check Book in their Real Life Safe before entering Second Life ***

I wonder how much they'd charge me for that?

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