Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lazy, Incompetent...and now Liars?

Hey everyone, if you haven't heard the lastest Marketing PLOY by Linden Lab, then you just have to hear this. For every NEW Premium Member that signs up in Second Life, Linden Lab will give them 1000L AND a FREE HOME that the new Premium Member can decorate to his/her wishes; isn't it wonderful that Linden Lab proves themselves to be LIARS?

Liars? What, you ask, am I speaking about? Well, a few years ago, the Customers of Linden Lab were promised that Linden Lab would NEVER directly Compete with the Customers of Linden Lab. Just in case you can't see the point to my rant today, let me explain. When Linden Lab decided to give away LAND and HOME to new Premium Member, they are in direct competition with Land Rental/Sales People AND to those people that product Pre-Fab Homes. Not only that, but they are also UNFAIRLY competing with the Land Rental/Sales people by providing a HOME of 117 PRIMS but the Home Owner still gets 117 PRIMS to use on his 512sq meters of land.

I guess I should ask Blue Linden just when my Island will get DOUBLE PRIMS since Linden Lab is giving itself DOUBLE PRIMS on these SIMs. I guess it goes without saying that Linden Lab are also proving themselves to be LIARS by having DOUBLE PRIMS on these SIMs, when they said years ago that a SIM could NEVER support more then 15,000 Prims; Interesting indeed.

So, me being foolish and expecting that maybe someday someone at Linden Lab will SHUT ME UP, I ask now Blue, tell me please, when does my SIM get 30,000 Prims?

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