Thursday, February 18, 2010

Linden Lab goes along a way to prove my POINT!

Over the past few entries I've been talking about how Linden Lab has either hired Lazy or Incompetent Employees. This past week, Linden Lab has gone out of its way to actually prove my point. Just follow the LINK and have a read, come back when you are done though, we should talk about this!

This all started with the rollout of Server 1.36 code. The initial release was causing VENDORS (you know those things that are really really rare and hard to test with) to behave in a very bad way. Vendors? Really? I would love to see the numbers of just how many VENDORS there are in Second Life, most likely it's an astronomical result. So, and I'm just asking a simple question here, why did this happen? Did ANYONE do any kind of testing with this new Server Code? Seriously, how can you miss something like this in testing? You would think that during a Test, someone at Linden Lab would have the top 10 Vendor Systems running just to be sure they were operating correctly after a Server Upgrade; well, at least that makes sense for those of us who have lived and worked in IT most of our Adult Lives.

Anyway, after "The Lab" rescinded the Upgrade process, they "correct" the mistake and try to install the NEW Server Code. Here's something I get upset over, especially when I was managing Coders, but when you find a MAJOR bug in the code you first released, you should spend a LOT of time to be sure that the FIX you are applying WORKS and then go back to the start of your Testing and test it all over again. This way, you SHOULD be able to find ANY OTHER BUGS that might have been caused by your fix or perhaps you missed one or two in the original testing. I would tell my Staff that if there are any more BUGS in the code, especially after you were to have FIXED it, then there jobs were on the line. Unfortunately though, "The Lab" has different ideas about just how well their Employee's perform their Jobs, because after they re-released the new Server Code, there was ANOTHER MAJOR BUG found! This one has apparently something to do with Content Creation Protection, again, NOT something that would be too difficult to test for.

All too often I have pointed out the obvious here and now "The Lab" has done is best to PROVE the point I was making. I guess at "The Lab" as long as your butt is in the seat, then you will have a job. Too bad, because once again, this just serves to show us all, that the New Boss is the same as the Old Boss.

Looks like we got fooled again..

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