Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We interrupt this Traffic for a special announcement

Sorry friends, had to throw this in before carrying on with the Traffic Study/BOT Study Blog Series.

As many of you are aware, the new BLOG look has been unveiled at the Second Life Website. It certainly is better organized, and even prettier to look at.

Just one problem I've found so far. The same bullshit is going on behind the scenes as was before. I said this once, I'll say it again, it didn't take a NEW LOOK for the Blog to be effective, it takes a NEW ATTITUDE by the Linden's.

What I mean is this. While discussing the CNBC Fluff piece done last week about IBM/Linden Lab, I asked for a comment on the Failing Grade given to Linden Lab by the California BBB. We, the commenters, then began talking about different things associated with that thought, and before long, the new Executive Officer Amanda jumped in to the fray and was actually talking with us. After a few rounds of "this and that", Blue also jumped into the fray. Unfortunately though, Blue was there to STOP the communication, not enhance it. Blue reminded us all, at least us Commenters, he won't say if he scolded his Boss, that Off-Topic Comments were reason enough to be banned from the Blogs.

I find it interesting that someone at Linden Lab had the guts to speak up on any subject only then to have their employee's tell us we can no longer communicate on this subject, under penalty of Ban.

Guess I was right, a prettier package didn't help Linden Lab at all, perhaps it's time to pretty up their attitudes?


Ari Blackthorne™ said...


Is this an archive burp from five-years ago? People have been saying these exact same things at least this long.

-sighs- And they will keep-on saying it. Congratulations. You now are a statistic doom-and-gloom purveyor.


Bob Bunderfeld said...

How strange, I've been doing this for two years, and if you read the blogs you will see that, I'm not NOW just a doom-n-gloom purveyor, but that's why I started this blog!

Ari, you know I've been telling people for quite a while that Linden Lab is trying to kill off Second Life; I still believe it.

Do I believe they will succeed? I'll go into that in a couple more months, after I see some other "not so public" things hit the "public" and see what transpires afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I had asked a question in 1 of Dessie Lindens blogs about a week ago asking why do they try to do updates on the weekends when the user rate is at it's higest and everything seems to go south.,and guess what happend? they deleted the entire blog post right after I asked the question..comments.blog, and all! lmao

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Someone has identified and named this problem at Linden Lab; you have been Bunderfelded...congratulations!