Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Boys and their immature attitudes

Isn't it refreshing when you find a company that acts just like a little kid?

You know the kind, the ones that don't like what's being said, don't like being called out for their lies and deception, don't like being told just how bad they are acting, and when they are confronted, act as if it's all your fault for pointing out their obvious issues.

Linden Lab has reached an all-time low, even if you thought they couldn't, by acting just like the bratty little kid whose parents never discipline and think their little boy is a perfect little angel, while the rest of America knows that kids a brat. You see, without notice, nor reason, other then me pointing out the Linden Lab flaws in PRIVATE EMAIL's, Linden Lab has decided to "ban" Bob Bunderfeld from posting comments on their Blogs. Once again, Linden Lab has shown that they are not to be trusted, by not following their own rules. These rules are clearly posted on the BLOG Site and I've followed them exactly as requested, yet Blue Linden decided that I should stop posting comments, since I was apparently a bad seed. The only thing bad at Linden Lab is the stench coming from a rotting company refusing to acknowledge their own indescretions and lies; but then again, we already knew that.

Not to be outdone of course, I have PLENTY of Alternate Accts., since I've been doing my BOT research, and will just post under one of those names, and the real beauty is, they can't stop me, since they don't know how, and even if they did, I would question their competence, considering all the problems they've had over the past two weeks.

I have just ONE question now, just how bad will Linden Lab get before people decide they've had enough?

OH! One more thing, I'll be making a very SURPRISE announcement here soon, to hell with those at Linden Lab :)

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