Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day done right, the Linden Lab way!

With another Valentine's Day passing, and this one made so memorable by a close friend (Thank You again), we again get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of how Linden Lab chooses to treat their Volunteer Corp.

Word has it, and you can trust me on this one, that a certain Linden was feeling none to cheerful this Valentine's Day and instead of just staying away from the "Isle of View" he/she chose to attend and proceed to insult and even make a volunteer so upset they were shaking and crying.

The story goes like this. A certain Volunteer, and one of the most passionate Volunteer's when it comes to helping New Residents and others, was mingling with the others attendee's at the Isle of View, and asking the Linden's in attendance if he/she could have their specific Linden Bear (You see there was a time when every linden made their own "teddy bear" and they were supposed to give them out when asked, or when they saw something that someone did that deserved a bit more attention then just "attaboy") This Volunteer positioned herself in a strategic location so he/she could see who "popped" in and then if the person was a Linden Lab Employee, would ask them for their "bear". A certain Linden (whom I shall not identify at this time), popped in, and our passionate Volunteer sent him/her an IM asking if he/she could have that certain Linden Lab Employee's "bear". The response was "BUGGER OFF". For you American's that don't understand the meaning, think of "F*CK OFF".

Needless to say, this upset our passionate Volunteer and so, he/she did not pursue the matter further. Instead our passionate Volunteer went about mingling and giving and getting kisses from those in the "Valentine Mood". There came a time when this passionate Volunteer was getting a kiss from another passionate Volunteer of the same gender, and our "BUGGER OFF" mate decided to position himself/herself between the two and stated in Public Chat, "Looks like I'm having a Mentor Sandwich". As if telling a Volunteer to "BUGGER OFF" wasn't bad enough, now this Linden Lab Employee had decided to sexually harass this passionate Volunteer.

Needless to say, this set off our passionate Volunteer, who then began telling this Linden Lab Employee just how he/she felt about them, of course, in Public Chat. After he/she had her say, and our Linden Lab Employee chose NOT to respond, he/she then turned to his/her "supervisor" who said "oh that's just how he/she is". This was NOT enough to calm down our passionate Volunteer, who then decided that he/she would file an Abuse Report on our "BUGGER OFF" Employee.

After the posting of the AR, "BUGGER OFF" Employee then chose to IM our passionate Volunteer to explain how he/she was only joking, and he/she is always like that and meant no harm. Well, not being one to hold a grudge, our passionate Volunteer spoke with "BUGGER OFF" Employee and explained to him/her how he/she was having a bad enough day and came into Second Life to relax and enjoy the gathering of his/her friends, and that "BUGGER OFF" Employee had now ruined that for him/her. As they continued to talk, our passionate Volunteer calmed down, and eventually our "BUGGER OFF" Employee apologized and chose to add our passionate Volunteer to his/her friends list.

I will say this, MOST Linden Lab employee's are nice people and rarely would they say a cross word to anyone. There are a few that I've run into though, that seem to think that they are above everyone, and they don't have to worry about Customer Service or watch what they say when speaking to Residents in-world. The most egregious act is though, that these Employee's continue to be Employee's.

I myself have filed one complaint concerning a Linden Lab Employee, complete with Chat Log to back-up what I was complaining about, only to have Ms. Robin Harper tell me it was my fault this Employee acted in the manner he/she did. I wonder what excuse Ms. Harper will give us this time for her Employee's acts, and even more so, will this Employee remain employed after committing such an atrocious act? I'm sure Ms. Harper will once again rely on the old-standby of saying, "We cannot discuss employee matters with Residents", even though it is the Residents who are being mistreated by the Employee's.

So Ms. Harper, would you mind telling us just what will happen with Mr. "BUGGER OFF"?

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