Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Customer Support - Inside and Outside of Linden Lab

An interesting BLOG Story appeared on the Second Life Blog this week,

Region Data Corruption / Loss Problem Resolved

The interesting part of this Blog is when Hamilton Linden said that Linden Lab reported the BUG to the ISP where the problem was occurring and the VERY NEXT DAY it was fixed.

That began me thinking of how Linden Lab might take a lesson from their own experience's and begin offering the same level of excellence to their own customers.

This week in the world of Second Life has been rife with issues once again. Packet Loss is continuous, people crashing during Teleports has continued, people crashing using the Linden Lab client has increased, Rolling Restarts are becoming a part of our every day language, and I myself have spent more then one day "ruthed".

Where is this NEW VISION from Linden Lab, the one that promises us a Stable World, less bugs, and a more "transparent and open" Company? When with Linden Lab learn that Second Life is NOT a Social Experiment, it's a business and people pay their REAL MONEY to exist in the world?

I hate to say this, but "I told you so". I said in an earlier BLOG posting that the releasing of CORY LINDEN would be a MAJOR mistake, and with how things are now running, that seems to be the truth. Although it wasn't a reach by any imagination that Second Life would suffer even more after they released one of the BIGGEST driving forces behind Second Life. The real question is, who will Philip blame now that Cory is no longer around?

I've said this before and I continue to hold the same belief, it's time to change the HEAD; it's time for Phlip to step down and find someone more in-tune with the World of Second Life. Second Life needs someone who won't turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it's customers. Second Life needs someone who cares about the Community in Second Life. Second Life needs someone to do their JOB.

How much longer will we, the customers of Second Life, have to wait for a Stable World? How much longer will we be waiting for the "transparent and open" Linden Lab to actually be "transparent and open"? How much longer will we, the Customers of Second Life, have to wait before someone at Linden Lab actually cares about the problems within Second Life?

I invite ANYONE from Linden Lab to post the answers to these questions. I invite ANYONE from Linden Lab to actually DO THEIR JOB and FIX Second Life. I invite ANYONE from Second Life to be "transparent and open".

It's a shame that Linden Lab as a Customer gets excellent Customer Service, but they can't seem to provide anywhere close to the same level of excellence they received. If Linden Lab were provided the same level of Customer Service as they provide to their own Customers, there wouldn't be a Second Life, as Linden Lab would be down 24/7 and doing what the Second Life community is doing; screaming for real Customer Service.

Uncle Philip or Aunty Robin, just when will Linden Lab stop pretending? Just when will Linden Lab actually provide REAL Customer Service, and stabilize the World of Second Life? I only hope that when Linden Lab actually starts providing Customer Service, it will be while there are still people in the World of Second Life.

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