Monday, March 10, 2008

Have they no shame?

Today, I took a moment to ask CEO Philip Rosedale and his Executive VP Robin Harper about the condition of Second Life, the GRID, and the Website.

Now, usually you would think I would write them a nasty and mean worded letter, but instead, I asked them to lean on their Business Respect and respond to me as an Investor, since I did buy 6 lifetime accts., when asked to help SEED the Linden Lab Gold Production.

You would think, that when asked by someone who was NICE enough and GENEROUS enough to help get their business going that these people would respond. Apparently, that's not true, as neither of these "Business People" could find any retort to my questions.

Have you no shame CEO Philip Rosedale and Robin Harper? Do you now turn your back on your generous investors? What does that make you? Business People or Thieves?

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