Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fallen Angels of Second Life

Today I would like to turn my attention to something many of you are probably not aware of. But before I start, you will need to understand the term "angel" in this context.

An "angel" in many software company's, especially gaming company's, are people that provide needed startup capital, even before the product is proven or gone into production.

The amazing part of today's requiem is that Second Life had their own "angels", yet according to Linden Lab, they matter little any longer to them.

You see, during the Beta Process of Second Life, and before Linden Lab could go "Gold", they asked their Beta Players to do something extraordinary. Not to find more bugs, or help decode this or that, instead, Linden Lab, in a personnel plea from CEO Philip Rosedale, asked that the Beta Players buy LIFETIME Accts., to help Linden Lab raise SEED MONEY so they could go GOLD.

Many of those Beta Players answered that call back then, and were presented with an acct., that gave them 4096 sq meters of free tier and $500l a week. Back then, there wasn't any differing support channels, so these "angels" weren't given a choice between LifeTime Support or what they were offered.

Today, these "Angles" are known as Charter Members, you can see that in their Profile on the General Tab, and while it seems Linden Lab has forgotten their efforts to bring Second Life into GOLD, I only hope the Second Life Community won't. Many of these "Angels" not only bought ONE Lifetime Acct., but multiple accts., and that's a very big step of Faith, as Aunty Robin says.

It saddens me though, that the Charter Members aren't granted the same attention to support as say someone who came later, but paid out more. Linden Lab got an $8,000,000 gift early into Production, and I would imagine if that person wanted an acct, Island, and personal helper, Linden Lab would give him all that for free. This is the part that saddens me, that the first givers in Second Life have been forgotten, over the big givers. If it weren't for the First Angels, there wouldn't have been any Second Angels to follow them. Perhaps Linden Lab should remember that?

Here's to those Fallen Angels of Second Life, if you see one, thank them, because Linden Lab has forgotten their sacrifice.


President Leechman said...

4096 tier and stipend for life? At current rates that's US$500 a year, $100 of which is readily convertible into real money... for a $200 investment? If only I knew about Second Life in 2002 or 2003 or whenever this was and put in my $200 for life membership back then...

I don't think these "angels" have been forgotten at all.

Bob Bunderfeld said...

The problem isn't the money, and I readily stated what the "Fallen Angels" received openly, so bringing it up only means you haven't read the intent of the message today Mr. President, or is that Uncle Philip in disguise?

The problem is how Linden Lab has turned their back on their "Angels" who actually are the reason Second Life is here. Let's see, if Warren Buffet gave $8,000,000.00USD and he would like an island, his own character made, and a personal support concierge assigned to him, do you think he would be refused? Of course not, and that's the real problem. Linden Lab looks at Big Money and forgets about those of us who were there when they needed our LITTLE MONEY the most.

President Leechman said...

I'm not a Linden. And yes I read the message.

I'm just kind of puzzled. What exactly is it that you want? Free islands for charter members? How many of you are there... pretty many of you, for 8 million dollars a couple hundred at a time. How many islands would that take?

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, without being a Linden, or being in Second Life, or having gone thru the beta, then I can't give you a good reference point.

But here's what I want:


President Leechman said...

Go on, old bean, do tell... how do you figure that you're not getting enough respect? What's missing?

Bob Bunderfeld said...

READ and Be Enlightened grasshopper!