Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's wash day here...what to wash first?

As I've told you all before, I've been cruising the other place I make my feelings known today, and if you all want to follow along, you can look at Robin's entry about going to Austria, and then the Consensus Information blog posting to find out what's got me going off today.

Well, in Robin's recent Blog Posting, I titillate the other comment posters by airing just a tad bit of Linden Lab's Dirty Laundry. Since it's wash day in my house, I think I should come clean with the full story and let you, the humble reader decide, just how crazy you think Profky is by saying there is a Fetted Inner Core (FIC).

It was during Beta time, and Olive was still a sandbox SIM. Normally I didn't have a problem with Olive being a Sandbox, as I lived and sort of looked after Slate, who was Olive's neighbor. Now, my Log Cabin in Slate was abutted to the Olive Border, as Olive was actually quite high above Slate, and at the bottom of the SIM border was my Log Cabin. Now, I didn't mind the "once in a while" loose object falling off the border onto my Cabin, but one particular Resident had made it his lot in life to actually see just how much Griefing he could get away with by pushing over multiple level buildings onto my Cabin, or by firing missiles into Slate every 5 seconds or so for 4 hour periods. Well, this lasted for about 2 weeks, and by then I was livid. I contacted Robin Harper of Linden Lab and told her my issue and said I wanted to speak with Herself, Philip, and one other, I forget his name, he was head of the Mentor corp., then. Anyway, we setup a meeting at the Log Cabin, and I sat down with these three and told them in no uncertain terms that I would no longer tolerate this griefing. At first they gave the usual comments about how they don't interfere, but then, as I had figured would happen, my little "Monkey Boy" showed up and started his griefing. It became so distracting that the head of the Mentor Corp., left the meet, told "Monkey Boy" to stop and then kicked him for a matter of hours because "Monkey Boy" got lippy with him. I went on after that to tell Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin that I and the Slate Community wouldn't tolerate this, and we would find an appropriate way to vent our issues if something wasn't done. Two weeks later, Olive became a MATURE SIM and we never had trouble from them on.

Now, just why is this DIRTY LAUNDRY, and aren't I, your congenial host, just as wrong as Philip and Robin in all this. Let's take that last question first. Yes, I was wrong in taking this problem to Robin and Philip, although, I will say I did it for the Community, and relied on that Community's popularity with Philip to force Linden Lab to act. Philip and Robin could have easily just had said, "Sorry, we can't do this", and we would have gone on from there. Instead though, afraid of any type of bad publicity, they gave us just what we asked for, that Olive be re-districted as a Residential SIM instead of a Sandbox. They did this because I asked them to, not by going through any of the "channels" that were setup, I just IM'ed them and emailed them. They did this because they didn't want one of their "popular" and "supportive" customers to start ragging on them in the presses.

So, what do you think about the FIC now friends? Can you see that some people, more then just me, were, and still are today, given preferential treatment over others who deserve the same treatment, but will never receive it?

Linden Lab is currently all about hiding and hoping they can hold on. They aren't there to help the Residents or Customers, they just want us all to be happy little sheep and be quiet or hum a merry little tune. I for one am tired of taking advantage of my "position", I for one and tired of seeing others loose valuable objects, only to be told by Linden Lab that they can't recover them or that the problem is the Resident's. I'm tired of Linden Lab acting like a perfect little angel, while we all know they are just DIRTY LITTLE LIARS.

So, Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin, now that I've told this dirty little secret, I wonder WHICH ONE I'll tell during the next laundry day at my home?

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Anonymous said...

seriously bob: the way SL works is this... the person that complains the loudest gets the service. period. FIC would then just be the loudest complainers.