Saturday, September 1, 2007

If you can't fix the problem, blame the Resident

As most of you are aware, I recently had my first run-in with Inventory Loss in Second Life. The first time my very unique and needed Texturing Tool was lost, I wrote Aunty Robin, who asked Kona Linden to look into it, who then recovered the tool all within 5 hours. The second time, Aunty Robin wasn't so "welcoming" and told me I needed to go through "proper channels" to get things done.

Instead of arguing, I decided to give "Support" a chance, who knows, maybe they've gotten better? I logged into Support and started my trouble ticket. A day went by, and nothing was done. Another day went by, and still nothing was done. I wrote Aunty Robin again and asked if this was the level of Support one gets when he follows the "proper channels"; 48 hours and no action? Aunty Robin apparently then contacted Kona Linden, who took over my acct for a couple of hours to check on things, and then went back to the location where the tool was lost and spoke with the person that rents that area of land. That person tried to tell Kona that my Texturing Tool wasn't the only thing lost, that she too, had just the night before, lost a Chimera Dance machine that was loaded with over 10,000 Lindens worth of dances. Kona glossed over that, and focused only on the task at hand. While Kona was talking, apparently Kona decided I was to be blamed for the terrible lag in the area and for the losses. As Kona explained to the Resident that textures over 512x512 cause tremendous lag and:

"[16:03] Kona Linden: and Bob's builds are infamous for using rather large textures"

It's amazing, I thought, since Kona couldn't find the real problem, that he/she should blame it on my build, rather then, oh let's say, the crappy implementation of VOICE, or the memory leaking Second Life Client. It's even more amazing since, and I was quick to check this, NONE of the textures used in the build, are over 512x512.

So, what we have is still one lost Texturing Tool, and one Linden Lab Employee who would rather place blame for a problem on the shoulders of a Resident, then accept that Linden Lab is the problem.

I guess Support has changed over the past few months. Now if they can't figure out a problem, they just blame the person reporting it.

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