Friday, June 11, 2010

Linden Lab Continues Lies and Bullshit Campaign

Well, I probably wouldn't normally respond to Linden Lab anymore, but when M Linden sends out a mass email full of the usual LIES and BULLSHIT, how can I not respond.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear before I respond to this lying asshole, I love Second Life.  Second Life is a wonderful Virtual World that has been DESTROYED by Linden Lab.  Oh certainly you can't see the destruction on the Surface, but look under the glitz and glamor and you see the ugly truth.

M Linden wants us to believe that Linden Lab has OUR interest in mind when he gives the OK to STEAL everything everyone has created in Second Life.  Listen, I don't give a rats ass as to WHY they want to use my creations, I would have just gone on living in Second Life unabated if Linden Lab said, "we just want you to know we might use pictures with your content showing in promotional materials", but that's NOT what they said.  Instead, M Linden gave the explicit OK to STEAL from each and every content creator.  M Linden now writes to say just how well the company is doing, and how they appreciate the content creators.  Well, here let's just let the letter speak for itself:

A Message from M Linden


Yesterday was a challenging but historic and important day for Linden Lab. We undertook a strategic restructuring to strengthen our business and enable us to move faster and with more focus on the things that matter. While it will have important ramifications down the line for Second Life, rest assured that there are no fundamental changes planned to our experience or platform, and that both the company and the inworld economy remain in a very strong position.

M Linden is wanting to be sure everyone knows that Second Life is safe, mainly because there has been a great mass migration away from the Second Life Grid.  Let me explain to everyone exactly why M Linden is wrong here and what he's NOT telling you (lying by omission).

M Linden doesn't want anyone to realize that the current mass migration from Second Life is being led by their Oldest Customers and Content Creators.  What does this mean?  Simply put, the world of Second Life will soon be devoid of many places that Residents have relied upon for Hair, Skins, Clothing, Textures, Structures, Sculpties and more.  M Linden doesn't mention this because he knows full well that if you, a normal everyday Resident, realized that Content Creators are leaving Second Life, you too would start thinking of abandoning the Second Life Grid as well.

M Linden wants you to believe that the INWORLD economy is "in a very strong position", but think about this, with the Content Creators leaving, just how long will that be true?  But here's what Linden Lab will wind up doing, and mark my words on this one, Linden Lab will dip into their Backups, even after the Content Creators leave, and take the Content they have Stolen and begin to operate their own inworld Stores, selling STOLEN merchandise, in a feeble attempt to keep the Second Life Grid strong and significant.

Our decision to restructure the company was based on our feeling that we were moving too slowly on important strategic initiatives, so we have decided to consolidate software development in the US and combine our product and technology organizations into one. We have also streamlined customer support so that it can scale economically as we add users. These decisions resulted in significant job eliminations and this tends to be what press and bloggers focus on because of the human dimension. It is indeed difficult for us to see our colleagues leaving.

M Linden says that Linden Lab believed they were moving too slow on "important strategic initiatives", yet, they were able to STEAL everything from the Content Creators overnight; another lie, or just an oversight?

So, once again Linden Lab says they are restructuring Customer Support. Each time Linden Lab says this, I must remind them that they have NO Customer Support to restructure. Perhaps Linden Lab's first objective should be to offer Customer Support, real Customer Support, to ALL Residents.

M Linden finally explains why he's firing all the OLD STAFF. Why? well, we still aren't sure, he just says he's sad to see them go, even though he's the one that's firing them. Have you heard the latest joke? Do you know when M Linden is lying? Any time he communicates!"

I am writing to you directly because I want you to know that Second Life – and Linden Lab itself – is in very good shape. As a company, Linden Lab remains financially very stable. Our balance sheet is strong and we are well-capitalized. We will close this year with record revenue and hopefully record users, and – with your help – record user-to-user transactions and record landmass. In May, we recorded more than 1 million logged-in Residents, 37 million user hours, US$52.8 million in user-to-user transactions and 31,800 enabled regions. Second Life is sound.

Once more, here M Linden is doing his best to assure everyone that Second Life is sound. I agree in as much as the Virtual World of Second Life is sound; it's the Developers that are a mess, a lying, stealing, stinking mess.

As a platform for the world's most robust virtual economy, Second Life remains as vibrant and healthy as ever. By bringing new people to Second Life, and by increasing the ways in which people can interact with the world and with the people, places, and things within it, we are paving the way for more growth. We remain committed to supporting and improving the SL Marketplace, to pushing forward on IP protection, and to growing the number of Residents that participate in the inworld economy.

M Linden keeps on telling you how wonderful Second Life is, and will remain. I think M Linden protests too much. But seriously, if Linden Lab would just keep their hands off Second Life, it would be a wonderful Virtual World, the problem is, every time M Linden and staff does something, they act out of pure greed. Linden Lab hasn't looked out for the better of the Second Life Residents for over 4 years now, and it's only going to get worse; especially now that Content Creators are leaving en masse

It is during times like this that partnerships are tested and I – as CEO – want you to know that we value our partnership with you and that Second Life and Linden Lab are solid. This kind of transition is difficult for any company, but it need not be difficult for our customers. Our restructuring leaves Linden Lab in a stronger position; Second Life remains the creative and inspiring platform it always has been.

M Linden values your partnership, so much so that M Linden wants to be sure your Creative Content, your hard work, are backed up forever and always can be used in Second Life. Of course, M Linden fails to mention that in order to make that happen, M Linden had to STEAL all that Content, but again, did you really expect M Linden would tell you the WHOLE TRUTH?

Best regards,

M Linden

Well, once again, there you have it. Once you take a close look at what M Linden is saying, it's fairly easy to see he's doing nothing new here. Lying, Stealing, it seems to come natural to M Linden. It's a shame that Linden Lab got lost along the way, but I, and many others, have given Linden Lab enough time to straighten out the path they are on, and how does Linden Lab award us? They Steal our hard work, they lie to us directly, they continue to be driven by greed; is it any wonder that we are leaving Second Life en masse?

I do hope that there will be a time in my life when I meet M Linden in person, so I can tell him to his face, directly, that he's nothing more then a Thief and a Liar. Just to be sure M Linden knows this, I'll be emailing him my remarks here, I would hate for him to think that I was a coward like he was. I've fought to keep Second Life going, I've fought to see that Second Life was the wonder we all knew it could be, I've fought, I've yelled, I've screamed and all the while, M Linden couldn't see past the Dollar Signs. This is your greatest mistake M Linden, by not recognizing that it's the RESIDENTS of the world of Second Life that make the world of Second Life, not the other way around.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Just curious about your main point -- that the content creators are leaving SL/exploring new virtual platforms. You do not provide a source for this assertion nor any numbers to back this up. Where did this information come from?

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, let's see, there's ME, that's one :)

Being an Old Timer in SL, I know of others, not sure they want me to say their names, but since I've never practiced lying to any of you, like Linden Lab has, you will just have to accept me as your source.

If OTHER Content Creators would like to identify themselves here, please, by all means, stand up and be counted.

Just because I don't name them, doesn't make it untrue, and sometimes you just have to trust when an Old Timer says, "The Content Creators are leaving", not only am I an Old Timer, I'm also a Content Creator.

Thorgal said...

I think you are reading way to much out of a fairly standard business bullshit letter.

I for one do not believe that M (or anyone) enjoys laying off staff, even if he is (like you seem to believe) more evil than the devil and Bill Gates put together.

I agree that Second Life/LL seems to have a serious problem - loads of people leaving or at least say they are. I think its childish or naieve to think that this is all one man's fault (even if it is his responsebility in the end)... There no doubt is a some management, a board, investers etc. who advice and work with him..

Finally you say the old-timers are leaving. Well, me (as a relative noob) thinks that is shame... if they all leave we'll see what happen..

will this wonderful world die? will new content creators arise from the noobs using LL promised new creating-tools? will all the noobs follow the old-timers to the new promised land once you have setup shop there?

I dont know.. we will see I guess... personally I say: just make up your mind and do what feel you must but stop moaning! Either pack up and leave or be prepared to see what happens and do eveything you can/want to make the best out of what you think is a bad situation... we get the picture...

I dont wanna offend any of the old-timers (hell some of my best friends are.. euh.. no, not true ;-) and I do understand that its painful to see time, money and energy invested in something beautifull seems to go to waist..

I have met some very kind, inspiring, decent and wonderful content creators - I sure hope they'll never leave but I know one thing for sure; all this negativity surely isnt going to help anyone, not yourself, not the old-timers, not the noobs like me and certainly not SL, LL or M...

So if you do care for SL like all the old-timers say they do (even if you believe M doesnt), make up your mind, and get on with it... and I truly mean that in the most respectful and well-intended way.

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, from my 7+ years I can say I have, over the years, earned my right to bitch and moan.

Let's review one more M Linden lie. Recently M Linden announced that he would be laying off 30% of the staff, at curren count that number is now 150, just a tad higher then the 30% said.

Will SL die, I hoe Ele can forgove me for saying this, but I hope not. What needs to happen is the Board needs to see that the Officers at Linden Lab have forgotten who's the most important piece needed for Second Life; the people.

Once again, I will submit my name for a position on the Officers overseeing Second Life development. Have I taken a single business course in my life? No, but that is a plus in this instance. Second Life needs people who are worried about the overall stability with Second Life, not how they can make the next dollar. Ignore the Residents, and Second Life dies, as does the money. Take care of those Residents, and money follows, maybe a little less, but that's alright. Once I'm in charge, well go back and remove the freedom to STEAL, the freedom to CHEAT, the freedom to treat Customers like crap.

Once Second Life is rotating around the needs of the Residents and not the other way around, Second Life will begin to heal. Choose to laugh and say I have no idea what I'm talking about, and yes, Second Life dies.

Thorgal said...

You may think you have earned the right to bitch and moan... but you missed my point :-)

It isnt helping anybody and you're wasting your own valuable energy even more which you could (and I have no doubt about that) put to far better use by either going your own way, or try to make some positive things happen in SL despite of the all evil M...

Bob Bunderfeld said...

*sigh* Really, I love New Residents, they are the LIFE BLOOD of Second Life, but honestly, you know not what you speak of.

I have earned the right to bitch and moan because I have done MORE then most when it comes to helping New Residents or bettering Second Life itself.

Just a few points:

I was here for Beta, damn near all of it. When I arrived there were 12 SIMs and about 200 Registered Users.

I wrote the very first Building Menu Tutorial for Linden Lab. I discovered many of the intricate uses of the original Building Menu. I gave many of today's Top Builders their first building lessons.

I held New Resident Q&A Events for nearly 7 years. Many New Residents are in Second Life because I took the time to help them; that's what they say, not me.

I was one of the first to tell Linden Lab, back in 2003, that they could USE my Textures if they wanted, they didn't have to pay me for them, just thank me and credit me. Apparently that is too much to ask today!

I helped start and run one of the very first Second Life Communities, "Slate Community Neighborhood". We were one of TWO Groups that owned all available land of a PUBLIC SIM.

I met with members of Linden Lab staff before "Office Hours" were even a dream. I spent time giving feedback, giving suggestions, citing recent events and how they would effect or have already effected the User Base.

So, just these few points, and I think they earn me the right to tell everyone, that Linden Lab has RUINED the most wonderous Virtual World I had the privilige of being a part of. Linden Lab understands ONE way of communicating, SCREAMING. Trust me, over the years they proved this to me and others. So with my last breath, I still SCREAM hoping that somewhere along the line it will make a difference.

So, I hope you understand my point better.

Thorgal said...

ok.. thanks for pointing that out and for loving us new residents - I happily admit that I dont know what its like to be in SL for 7 years helping everybody. But am I having fun when I'm inworld - and you made it very clear that you are not, maybe even havent been having that for several years now?

I do think I understand your point, I'm curious though about 2 things which you seem to forget answering in your passionate effort to make clear that LL/M is evil and you are wonderful (which I truly not doubt you are or have been to SL)

1. Are you actually still having fun in SL? Do you still love SL?

2. Do you agree that all this negativity isnt helping anybody? Not us young (open minded) ones, not second life, not Linden Lab and last but not least - not yourself.

My replies are not ment to offend you or any of the old-timers in anyway. But I strongly believe that all these blogs, tweets and other articles from people who claim they love Second Life are only scary and turning away new residents...

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Honestly, now I'm beginning to think you didn't read the whole post, but instead, are responding as an effort to come to the aid of M Linden. If you go back and read the SECOND Paragraph, you will get your answer, better yet, let me help you:

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear before I respond to this lying asshole, I love Second Life."

Do I still have fun when I'm in SL? Yes and No. Yes, Second Life is still a wondrous and awesome place, especially for someone like me who's home-bound and uses Second Life for their Socializing. On the other hand, I am upset when in Second Life, because the people who are overseeing this world are also the people that have STOLEN my work. How about you? Let's say you were robbed, you know who did it, you saw them, yet, they had a few of their friends lie, and they get off. So, you go to your favorite place in all the world to enjoy yourself and when you get there, you look across the room and you see the person that robbed you. Does it mean you HATE the place? Probably not, but it is going to have an impact on how much you can enjoy the place while that person is there. M Linden allowed the TOS to be changed, which makes him directly responsible for STEALING my hard work. Does that make him evil? Yes, it does. Just like if someone robbed you in Real Life and stole your Rent Money, it would make them evil. There's no difference here. M Linden chose to STEAL, how people can constantly come to his defense is amazing to me.

I DO NOT agree that me reporting the CRAP Linden Lab is pulling is negative. I'm merely pointing out to you, and hopefully other New Residents, that they should NOT get involved in this world, because it's run by unscrupulous people and an unscrupulous Corporation. If I saw you going into a bar were I knew they watered down their liquor, rolled the drunks, and pimped out their bar-hags, and I went up to you to tell you why you shouldn't go in there, are you saying that's negative? I'm merely trying to help you and other Residents avoid the heartache that myself and other old-timers have gone through, because if Linden Lab treats us, their oldest customers, their most proliferate Content Creators, like crap, do you think they will treat other Residents any better?

There are many Alternative Grids to Second Life, my choice is InWorldz. No, none of these Alternative Grids are a complete Second Life featured world, but they are working towards getting the more important features online. I know the people at InWorldz, I worked with them in Second Life over the years, they, like me, know just what sort of crap Linden Lab, M Linden, and the rest, are pulling on the Residents. This is why they started InWorldz, and why I have chosen to support them. If you really want to enjoy yourself, go a Grid Alternative where they care about you, personally, not about the color of your money.

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, Anonymous Coward, you want to post something accusatory, you can identify yourself, otherwise, you can forget about.

Just be certain what you post, because I will challenge you to find anything on the Web that looks anything like what I have for sale, remember, derivative works are allowed.

spyvspy aeon said...

Bob, I agree with some of your statments and feelings. I am not so old as you (4 years) but as far as I remember the Second Life Philosofy, is loosing on the hands of Mr. M. MR.M on the age of communication don't really know how to communicate (that don't includes me lol english is not my native language). But how SL can go forward without one of the most importants piece? Resident, users, custumer (what ever shit the want to call us). I guess company strategics it is not my batle field, but in other hands I work since ever with custumers support and I really know what they worth to a company (messing with them it is messing with the market).... as so on....

And my final word to Mr. M, user-to-user transaction it is not economics grow (this guy it is an asshole for sure) or maybe he is calling us some names.

I really don't care anymore, there is more virtual worlds at this moment than Mr. M (assholes) in the world. my prediction (sl will survive) Mr. M will die alone.

Thorgal said...

I'm merely trying to help you and other Residents avoid the heartache that myself and other old-timers have gone through, because if Linden Lab treats us, their oldest customers, their most proliferate Content Creators, like crap, do you think they will treat other Residents any better?

I dont know if they will treat their other residents any better but so far I dont feel like I have anything to complain about and I dont feel like Í'm missing out :-) But maybe my expectations of a company making money are more realistic then yours (not hindered by all this past experience...)

I do see and understand where you are coming from though - but please remember that new residents (like me) are grown-up people as well, responsible for their own actions and hopefully perfectly able to decide if they want LL to have their money...

Let's put an end to this discussion because we are not going to agree I think.

For myself my conclusion is gonna be that its a shame to see so many people putting so much negative energy into something potentially still fun and beautiful - and I would hate to see the other 70% of Linden employees being laid of as a result of a bunch of old-geezers just moaning about how bad it all is... I think everybody should decide for themselves and based on their own experiences.

Having said that I wish you all the best in InWorldz (I love the name) and who knows, maybe I will be your best customer there once LL decides to screw the rest of us... I just hope you (and the other veterans) would just let it happen instead of trying to help accelerate it :-)

I will end my input to this discussion with a twitter-quote that made me smile this morning by @oobscure "If you claim you 'left' Second Life, but your daily main activity is still bashing M Linden, you may want to meet a love consultant"

Bob Bunderfeld said...

I think it's interesting how you say you wish to end this conversation, but then continue to bash us "old geezers" who are leaving.

Of course, you had to know I wouldn't let that go by, and seeing how you want to "claim" that you are an adult, I don't see it.

An Adult wouldn't try to depart a conversation by calling someone names. An Adult wouldn't give the impression that those of us leaving don't have the RIGHT to express the reasons why we are leaving. An Adult would see the direct correlation of what Linden Lab Corporation and their Employee's have done to us "old geezers" leaving. WE are NOT the problem here, Linden Lab and their Employee's are.

Once more, I LOVE the Virtual World of Second Life, and that hasn't changed, even with Linden Lab running it. With that said though, I'm not going to continue to stay in that world when people are STEALING from me. At least with CopyBot, Residents only got a few textures at a time. Linden Lab cchose to steal my complete line of inventory, approx 7000 products in one felled swoop. Perhaps it's time for Linden Lab to close their doors, since they are apparently unable to provide a World where people are treated fairly?

Personally, I am beginning to wonder just who you are. You seem to want to defend Linden Lab even after being presented with strong arguments and facts that show Linden Lab aren't the Knight in Shining Armor you make them out to be. I'm not bashing M Linden when I say the man's a complete failure at his post in Linden Lab, I'm stating fact based upon personal observation; and it's closer to 40% of the Employee's that were let go, not 30%, but then again, you probably already knew that and were just trying to throw some sugar on this disaster we call Linden Lab.

As for me, my parting words are, "You my friend are a fool". You are allowing someone to Steal from you and you do nothing about it. Interesting approach really, is it you are just trying to help keep the already sullied reputation of Linden Lab afloat, or are you just ignorant and can't understand what I'm passing on to you? Either way, Linden Lab has done themselves in, and I am able to stand here and say, "I told you so", because when I first started telling people, who responded just like you are doing now, that Linden Lab is going to kill Second Life, people said I was crazy. Well, guess this crazy old-geezer got lucky calling this one, or perhaps I knew what was going on behind the scenes this whole time and was doing my best to warn people?

Thorgal said...

Didnt mean to offend you - obviously the "geezer" came over stronger then intended.

I'm not making anyone from LL be the knight in shining armor - I know that company is having problems, I just can't grasp why anyone would put so much effort in bashing them. As far as I can see they havent stolen anything from me so far.

You can call me anything you like, I'd rather be a fool then as frustrated as you are...

we'll see, again - good luck in InWorldz :-)

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, gee, now I understand your point, you should have just said that in the first place.

OK everyone, no more complaining about Linden Lab, until at least they steal something from Thorgal. That makes perfect sense too, because Thorgal is the center of the Universe, and if he hasn't had anything stolen, then no one should be complaining.

Just one question Thorgal, do ever plan on doing anything other then having Virtual Sex and Dance in Second Life? I mean, what are you going to do for the World? Will you be working hard to bring in new content when the "old geezers' leave? If so, the minute you upload or create anything, then Linden Lab has stolen from you. Of course, if you plan on just being a leech in Second Life and not doing anything to make it better, then you're right, you have nothing to complain about.

Also, you obviously don't know me too well, because I'm far from frustrated. You see, instead of being frustrated, I just decided to leave the world of Second Life. People asked why I was leaving, I told them. You don't like it, because I didn't hold anything back, I didn't let anyone slide by, I told it like it was, and you took offense. I'm sorry you did, says something about you, but since I'm finished with this conversation, I'll just not expend my energies on going into just how piss poor many Linden Lab employee's feel, because they did NOTHING during their term at Linden Lab to change how things were done. They allowed these things to occur, and because they did, they are now paying the price for doing nothing to right the ship.

Diana said...

Thank you for you insight/opinion on troubled times in Second Life. I am curious where your facts are obtained from. People leave SL every day. I, myself, have done it. I joined in 2005, but found it to be an hostile environment and left. In early 2007 I came back. Although I cannot hold a candle to your tenure, I don't plan on leaving any time soon. Sorry, but you'll have to scrape my sorry carcass off the grid.
What are you really angry at? M Linden's somewhat clueless ideas of the community that created SL? Linden Labs failed attempts at protecting the content creators that pay their bills, or something entirely different?
I can certainly validate your rant. As much as I love SL, it would seem that that the powers that be are much like BP trying to get control over the Gulf Oil step forward, two steps back.

My own experience as far as the exodus of content creators go is thus: I've seen many leave,and go to other grids, only to come back after a few months because the other grids are not as richly populated or technically advanced as SL is. I remember Simone Stern taking a hiatus from SL to try her hand at another grid. She came back and is doing better than ever.

I also applaud Thorgal in his untainted faith in SL, he reminds me of why I applied to be a Second Life Mentor and remained one until the day Lexie Linden removed all of us from the program. Be kind =) He still sees the grid as a magical place

Bob Bunderfeld said...

Well, let me say this, at least someone understands that I'm not bashing Second Life. I too LOVE Second Life, but I'm not going to be able to stay in an environment where it's "ok" for the Developers of that World to STEAL from all Content Creators.

You ask for proof, but I will only give you my name. I cannot name others unless they specifically say it's alright for me to do so. Unlike Linden Lab, I feel permission is necessary before using someone's work or name. I can say though, that I'm NOT the only Content Creator that has left Second Life because of the TOS change. As a matter of fact, I found out about this TOS change from one of the biggest names in Second Life, who was LEAVING! He can come over and announce his name, but alas, I cannot, but that doesn't make what I'm saying any less true.

Why am I upset with Linden Lab? I would love to take the time to sit here and type POINT by POINT just why Linden Lab upsets me, but there's not enough time in my life left for that sort of endeavor.

This LAST STRAW is that instead of asking for permission to use Resident's hard work, Linden Lab chose to STEAL it. It's funny how neither Thorgal or Diana seem to want to acknowledge this simple fact. Of course, to acknowledge that fact that Linden Lab is STEALING Resident's hard work and then stay in Second Life, says something about the person; doesn't it?

Yes, Second Life has more people in it then InWorldz, but guess what, it didn't use to. That's right, I was in Second Life when there were only 12 SIMs and 200 Registered Users, and only 10 might be online at any one time if you were lucky. If everyone in Second Life were to migrate to their choice of an Alternative Grid, like InWorldz, then these Alternative Grids would be filled sufficiently to stop the complaining. That is not what will happen, because the majority of Residents in Second Life are NOT Content Creators, therefore, they really don't care, Thorgal and Diana have shown that, about what is happening with Content Creators. The world will remain populated, because, and I've said this before, if enough Content Creators leave Second Life, Linden Lab will merely go to their Backup's, restore the Content that was supposedly no longer accessible to them, and use that to open their own Stores in Second Life. They know, as I do, that the Residents that aren't Content Creators will continue to live in the Second Life world, not caring where those Textures, Animations, Sounds, Poses, Dance Machines, etc etc, come from. This is the sad part about the Residents in Second Life, they would rather stay in a world where the Developers steal from their "friends", just as long as they can have things remain the same for them. I suppose that says a lot about how those Resident's truly feel about their "friends".

So, stay in Second Life, that is your choice, but don't get upset when someone like me points out the obvious. Residents who stay are as much of the problem as Linden Lab, because the Resident's are supporting Linden Lab, whether consciously or not, in the decision to STEAL from the Content Creators.

Tess Branford said...

Although I have only been a resident since 2005, not quite as long as Bob or Thorgal, I agree with their assessment.

I too am a content creator and have created over a thousand original, products for sale. I too loved SL. I've had some great jobs, but from '05 - '08 living in SL was the best job I ever had.

I had several successful SL businesses that thrived for years until the company turned on its customers using our earned equity in land (for one) to fill their own coffers.

M Linden is an idiot. Linden Lab has contempt for its customers and it continues to show as the years roll on. Eliminating the Mentors program was a huge mistake.

Many of us who participated had what's called "institutional knowledge" that we were passing on about how the world worked and how new residents could maximize their experience. Years ago there was a real sense of community that isn't present today.

A little over two years ago, in April of 2008 when the economy in SL was still somewhat stable, M made the announcement in the SL blog about "SL not being affected by the real world economy" and then chose to issue so much land into the system that it drove prices down by 70-80%. That one move alone has caused many long-time residents to leave... with the feeling that LL can't be trusted.

They can't be. It's been over two years and the company has done nothing to correct this blunder. Many residents wrote directly to M and other corporate officers regarding the issue and never got a reply. Things were fine and the economy was balanced before that fiasco. Now mainland trades below L$1 in many areas.

Two-plus years later, they have done nothing to correct this. Yet their antiquated tier levels and tier amounts remain intact as the company fawns all over itself talking about this imaginary growth.

That's just no way to treat your customers and no way to grow a company. For those defending M, why don't you take upwards US$90K of your own money, like myself and others did, and sink it into SL as an investment. Go for it. I think you'll be amazed at the results.

M is for Moron.

Michael Timeless said...

I read this when it was first posted and agreed with everything said.
Now 3 years later when I look back upon it and the hundreds, yes hundreds, of useless landmarks I have of places gone, creators disappeared, I wonder if anyone can still think Bob's warnings were anything but...mild.

I still have a sim in SL. I use it for solitary building, idea generation for writing and solitude. The current SL seems like a virtualization of Facebook (which for people who use the term geezer, should know is dying because of "older" users - according to the media).

Second Life, technologically, is still the best grid. It is also the most expensive (by an order of magnitude). It doesn't have the feel of a fun place anymore. To be honest I still visit a few places but mostly it's a ghost town now living off memories of its former inhabitants.

I think for me when SL became "mainstream" and started appearing in Business Week and CSI it was the beginning of the end, not of SL, but of it losing its unique flavor. It still goes on, but that flavor is going to be hard to recapture, ask Coke.

Can anyone honestly say that Second Life's culture is anything but new Coke? Yes, technologically, it's changed, but is it better? Yes, it has an economy, but is it better for everyone?

There have been so many body blows to SL (gambling bans, land scandals, LL refusing to deal with IP pirate and dozens of others). Every time I log in I wonder if my sim is going to be there. It seems funny to spend several hundred dollars a month for something that may evaporate with no notice. Perhaps that more than anything is why people go away? Why spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars on a soap bubble that only the bully with the pin can backup?

katrina911 said...

I too am a content creator and had two full regions and without warning was banned from secondlife and millions of lindens stolen from me. I am still trying to get my account back but it is not going to be easy. Linden Lab is trying to defend themselves by lying to the better business bureau when asked about why they were banning me. They avoid answering the question and throw in lies to cover up their stupidity. Very disrespectful to the BBB and the BBB process and to consumers. I have reported them to the local police and the FBI. I am willing to submit to any lie detector in court and submit my emails and support history for evidence that their allegations are untrue.