Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Same SH*T...Different Site

It didn't take long, and that's why I refused to start a betting pool for this.

Yesterday, our friends at Linden Lab, reported problems with XSTREETSL.COM login. Apparently those people using passwords greater then 17 characters were being TOO cautious and are now required to reset those passwords to something 16 characters or less.

So, once again, our friends at Linden Lab have shown that whatever they touch, they break. I guess this is, just like in Second Life, the first in a LONG LIST of problems that will be occurring at XSTREETSL.COM.

Just once, wouldn't it be nice if Linden Lab could show themselves to be competent and not wreck whatever they tried to "fix"?

Here's a challenge for our "friends" at Linden Lab, "Try going 5 business days without having something mess up or break with Second Life".

I would open a betting pool for this but, as we all know, never bet against a sure thing.

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