Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Beat Goes On.....he lied....and you expected?

Today, an interview with the new CEO of Linden Lab was published. As you would expect, most of the Q&A was simple softballs with the requisite answer.

Apparently though, someone tossed a curveball at the end of the interview, and I quote:

"VB: Does the recession have any impact on the virtual world industry?
We’re not seeing it. It might affect the startup world.

For all you business owners in Second Life, perhaps now would be a great time to help our new CEO understand that he's full of SHIT.

I really don't mind so much that the Q&A was filled with softballs and the usual junk answers, but how can a CEO who's been on the job for more then 3 months be so out of touch with his own user-base, when he himself says he comes from a user intense experience at Organic?

Seems to me MK, that you just dropped the ball, of course, you can do like your predecessor and ignore it, which we all expect, or you could re-state your answer and clarify it a bit more, cuz if you think Second Life isn't in a recession, then sir, you need to quit, because you have failed miserably, and in only 3 months!

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Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for your offer of help in SL - I'll take you up on it. I must admit that it's not my favorite forum, but I do see the possibilities for midwifery education. Our main problem in New Zealand is getting Internet coverage to support the technology.