Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome Sport Fans!

Two down in the ninth, two on, and the counts 3 & 2.

As we all know, this has a happy ending where the Hero at the plate smacks a game winning double.

Unfortunately for Residents of Second Life, this is just a fairy tale when it comes to installing Major Release 1.23.

Yesterday it was announced that 1.23 was going to be installed and 1/10th of the SIMs will get the first rolling restarts and then they would watch and see if other problems exist.

Within minutes, it was quite easy to see that Linden Lab was going to strike out and the Hero, becomes a bum.

This is the FIFTH time that Linden Lab has attempted to place the infamous version 1.23.3 onto the servers, only to have it fail all 5 times. I'm pretty certain Linden Lab is taking the lead as the WORST developer in Gaming History. This certainly will give Atari's production of E.T. a run for it's money as WORSE game ever.

It seems our friends at Linden Lab is having POST-CORY issues with this Release, and now it's been delayed again, giving us all ANOTHER attempt on Monday.

Bets? 0 and 5 so far, will they continue their proud tradition? Only time will tell!

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